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For ALL helmets, whether they're vintage or current issue, plastic or kevlar...as long as they're not penis-shaped ;)



My issued Gallet CG634 from work. Just the regular Canadian kevlar helmet with the CADPAT cover, scrim net and helmet band. I've got a PETZL headlamp on along with my ESS LandOps (since I haven't been able to get inserts for my ballistics yet). Inside I removed the regular suspension (which is a basic leather band, cord and foam liner) and replaced it with Skydex pads.





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I think this ought to be changed to "Head Gear", that way it's not in competition with the "US SPEC OPS Helmet" thread.




It allready isn't. It is here to save us from getting ripped a new one when trying to post non-US SF lids in the aforementioned thread.

This thread is fine.





My Project Tacticool Helmut:







- 'Swat'-brand replica MICH 2001

- MICH NVG mount w/ Retention strap (RS)

- Petzl Tactikka

- Bollé x800

- Surefire Helmet Light replica (blue and white light)

- Goggle retention straps (RS)

- Cavalry TASC headset, hardmounted

- Streamlight Sidewinder IR strobe (RS)


Sanded down to get rid of the somewhat shoddy original finish and -very- dark green color, repainted with NFM's gorgeous OD spray paint.


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I mounted it by attaching the strap that runs across it over and around the straps of the retention system and placed the headband and strap between the lid and the internal pads.

The pads are by far the most excellent I've come by in any replica helmet as of yet (allthough the placement of the circular velcro pads inside haven't exactly been meticulously placed), and even the retention system is pretty good. A solid purchase to say the least; if I'm ever buying another replica lid, it'll be from Swat.

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Couple of changes since I took these - has NKA sharpied on one side, and O POS on the other, and I'll be running ESS NVG Profiles with them when my Rx inserts arrive. Need a FG cateye band sometime, too.


It has stuff under the cover for running it uncovered, but I really, really like the look of covered lids. I can never bring myself to take it off.

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Okay Greg, how much did the nes strobe holder set you back.... or was it a gift from Mints?


Any first impressions on it?


Also, what is the purpose of the shock cord? I can guess but would not mind a description from you.


Nice looking lid!


The strobe holder is from EYETACTICAL (www.eyetactical.com), and no, it wasn't from Mints, but rather the owner of the company. I picked it up at the Shot Show. I haven't had a chance to take it out and beat it up yet, but it is a good solution to attaching the many different lights to your helmet, i.e chemlights, strobes, etc. My only concern is the material it is made out of. It is plastic, but seems like a harder type plastic, instead of plastic that might be more flexible. I'll have to take it out and see how well it holds up. I've also got some airborne troops here who might be able to take it on a jump and see how it does.


The shock cord, which I ordered a size too large, is an experiment I am trying. I wanted a way to tether my night vision goggles to my helmet so they don't get knocked off and lost and the cord is also a handy way to attach camo material or other things to the helmet. Under the comms flap in the back of the helmet, I have a small cord lock to adjust the tension or to allow the cord to be removed. The cord I bought is the 3/8" and I really should have bought the 1/8". The smaller size would have done just fine.


Thanks for the compliment! :)

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