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Having a skirmish that night and just recently sold my M4, I had nothing to mount my 203 on. Some pipe, glue, hacksaws, LPEG parts, and several minutes later, this bastardized piece of hilarity popped out:




The clamp was just on there to hold it together while it set. It served its short term purpose, but the grip did eventually break off.

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Few dodgy WW2 guns I made a couple of years ago.




MG34 from an AK receiver


Ah! That's happy in it's new home, I can safely say. Although I had nowhere in my house to store it, so it was in the back of my car for a few days wrapped up, before it got to its new owner.


How did the Nagant perform?

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Few dodgy WW2 guns I made a couple of years ago.



Lee Enfield from an MP001



Mmmmm nice Lee Enfield, wish a major manufacturer would do one, preferably the S.M.L.E. No1 MkIII.

Im seriously thinking of going to this guy: http://moaurosgunworks.webs.com/

next year and ordering one as a special job, as at the moment he only does the No.4 Mk1 ;)

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The M2hb .50 has vortex internals, shoots 80 bb's a second, and a hopup system at the end of the barrel.

(Caution is exercised when used due to the volume of bb's fired. Fixed position in open areas.)



High pressure tested "coffin" which can withstand pressures up to 800+ psi. I have never taken it above 290 psi which is the burst pressure of the hose.


Higher pressure = Increased ROF, Range and FPS.


If took me ONE YEAR to build this gun and two mounting systems. 2006-2007.



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