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Revolver Picture Thread

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Fixed and refinished a beat up old 3" Kokusai Python. The boob that owned it last seems to have used WD40 or some other petroleum distilate which softened up the frame enough that the side plate pops out when the hammer and trigger springs are installed. I've also converted it to take Win Gun shells as Kokusai shells are pretty hard to come by. The gas route still leaks a lot though, probably from the frame flexing so is only doing a mere 192fps.


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Got my hands on a pair of Umarex Single Action Army revolvers in 6mm.




Also, they work with the homemade 'ratshot' shells:




Which I originally built for my Wingun:




The shells can hold up to six BBs and are intended for Wingun revolvers, but seem to work in the Umarex SAAs despite being slightly undersized for the chambers, so I suspect they'll work in a variety of revolvers. They're made from vinyl tubing sleeved inside deprimed .357 magnum cases with the primer pockets bored out. If anyone's interested I wrote a how-to guide on making them- have a read and let me know what you all think.

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A few days ago I got a pair of Well Webleys, because for $57 USD apiece I couldn't resist. True to form, one of them arrived already broken, and I had to take it apart and modify the hammer spring just to get it to shoot. Still, the build quality is otherwise on par with Wingun and the price can't be argued with. The one on the bottom is stock, while the one on top I have hit with a bit of steel wool, buffed with graphite, and sealed with a matte varnish:




So, one thing I found interesting is that the Well Webley's cylinder catch isn't the same as the real thing. When the frame is fully broken open, the catch is released:




Which allows the cylinder to come right out:




Now, the solution to this is pretty simple. You just tighten the screws on the catch plate to hold it shut, and then it keeps the cylinder in place. But, while inaccurate to the real thing, I have to wonder if this could be used to

by keeping a spare cylinder handy, as opposed to using a speedloader. On that note, speedloaders for Wingun revolvers will not work. This gun is a duplicate of the .455 Webley MkVI, which has a larger cylinder than most .357 revolvers, but the shells themselves are .357 sized so .45 speedloaders don't work. I currently have a pair of Ruger Redhawk speedloaders on the way, so I'll see if those work- they're the largest speedloaders in .357 I've found.


Anyways, because I can't leave well enough alone I went and made some homemade shells for this piece too:




These are the same method as I linked to earlier, but using cut-down .357 and .38 casings because the taper of the shells that come with the gun prevents unmodified casings from fitting, and reducing the length of the tubing by about 2mm since the cylinder is shorter than on .357 Winguns. Once so modified, they chamber perfectly in the cylinder, and it's easy to see if a shell has been fired or not:




And they extract easily:




I'm a big fan of the Webley design. The top-break and extraction/ejection system is easy and less prone to fumbling than swing-out cylinders, and it fits very comfortably in my hands. I haven't had the chance to test the fixed hop-up, but the gun is doing over 450fps with a single BB, so it should be able to do ~350fps with 3 BBs per shell and reach out to however far the hop will take it. Should make for a fun sidearm.


Oh, and I need to figure out how to strap five revolvers to myself for CQB games. And/or buy another four Webleys. I don't have a problem, I swear.

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? want to blue a Zeke slide and I don't know how!




It takes some time but start with sanding the slide with 400,600,800 and 1200 grit sandpaper until you have a really smooth surface and then polish it too mirror like shine. mix around a third of a bottle of aluminium black witch ca 1l water, clean the slide with degreaser, dip it in the solution for a couple of minutes and wash it of with water, let it dry, brush of the blackish sooth with a soft brush.

re-do the dipping at least three times, at first you will get a blueish, black color and after a couple of dips it will turn to a more almost chromed surface, at this time the HW material won't absorb more bluing liquid and it is time to rinse it properly with water again.

let it dry for a day!

Now you will hopefully have something that is looking like blued steel :-) it takes a lot of trial and error before you get a good result and the color also changes over time so don't be afraid if it not is as dark as you want it the first day, it will get darker over a long time after you finish the dipping ( a couple of months according to the blogs i have read)


have a look at http://nakablue.exblog.jp to get some inspiration!


Good luck/ Papaman

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Is there a source for well Webley shells yet? And are the WG Wembley shells undersized like the well ones or are they a true .455? I want to get a Wembley and want to know if my speedstrip trick will work?


Something I picked up from competition revolver shooters using 45acp revolvers or the 9mm guns pre speed loaders being common.


Buy a magazine that will feed the rounds so for 357 a desert eagle mag could work I guess or a Coonan arms for 45acp or .455 a 1911 mag will work afaik since you can shoot 45 in a Webley and there have been 455 1911s.


Basically you hold the mag in your hand and thumb cartridges from the magazine into the cylinder. It isn't as fast as a speed loader but it's faster than loose rounds or speed strips. May not work great on the Webley being break action but could be worth a go

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The Webley shells have the same dimensional base as the regular Wingun shells- meaning, they're .357, not .455, so you'll need .357/.38 speed strips to load them, which is what I do. If you want a speedloader, I bought a pair of speedloaders for the Ruger Redhawk that work great. Don't try using 'generic' speedloaders, the Webleys are using .357 shells in a .455 cylinder so you need a speedloader specifically designed for a very large revolver to function.


Using a magazine to feed loose rounds definitely works. I have an AMT Automag III whose magazines serve double duty as speedloaders for my airsoft single actions.

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That's really disappointing that they didn't either do the 38version or the full .455 shells version I mean all that time on a gorgeous set of externals ruined by that niggling detail :(


That saa is pretty but isn't it a pellet gun?



Also does anyone know of a speed loader that fits the normal Dan Wesson branded revolvers?

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Take a look of how time affects brass..

This is my Prime brass single action army.

Time come for me to give it a nice polish.

The fingerprints are oxidation can't be wiped !!








I thoughtI could get away with the gun disassembled like this but in the end I took it down completely.

It was a much harder and time consuming process when compared to polishing a 1911.


This is how it looks the end result make up for the hours lost .









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