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Pictures of your rides

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I hate you. I really, really, hate you




Funny, that's what my ex-wife said ;)


It was between the '06 A4 and an '05 330Ci, I decided I wanted the extra 2 doors and a bit less in maintanence costs :P



@orionw88- Isn't that a Toyota Celica?? :huh:

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Yup, Celica - ST185 GT4 to be pedantic!  Orion, you have them your side too - there called AllTrac's.


Nice car, the 185. I used to have one and was on the GT4OC for ages, I recognise your car too, you dont live far from me.


The ST185 was the last GT4 to be sold in North America. Unfortunately the yanks never got to have the ST205 GT4.


Got rid of mine when I bought my bike, as tbo most cars feel too slow after having a sports bike.


Still miss her sometimes tho, will post a pic up in a bit...



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Bostitch, your car is lovely! :) Is that the SWB version? Looks like it...


One of the nicest ZX's ive seen in a while, not over the top, but with a 'dont f*ck with me' stance to it which I like.


The 750 is the way ahead! Deffo ;) (but keep that 300!)



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Just bought it today, I've yet to go over to the UK and pick it up. I can't wait to bring it back on the ferry though. Should get a few looks.




Alvis Tactica support vehicle, Perkins 6 cylinder Turbo diesel, 4x4, amour plated to 7.62 NATO £3350 form Withams.


Now what colour should I paint it?

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