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Pictures of your rides

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Well. The pic threads need some originality, so heres a thread for everyone's vehicles.


I'll start off with my 1991 Ford Thunderbird. Basically the best free thing I have ever gotten. My boss(the guy that owns the auto maintenance shop I work at) new a guy that is going to prison for a while. *cough*25*cough*. The guy gave the car to Bob(my boss)

. It had a blown set of head gaskets and had been sitting still for a few years, so it needed some work. It was given to me for my B-Day. I got it fixed up(I'm a mechanic, so this worked out perfectly) and detailed. This pic was taken a few weeks ago with the plates off because I'm paranoid. :D








And finally. The bird *beep* on my rear window.




I know its not the most beautiful car in the world, but its free and nice. Its runs fantasticly, nothings broken, and once again. This car was free. And nicer than a good 70% of the vehicles in the world. I've seen people pay $1000 on cars that are shittier than the Bird. So lets see your rides. Not a competition BTW. Was just saying.

Wanna see 'em.

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Ok here's my wheels.


The faired ones a Kawasaki GPX 250 bought this afternoon to replace replace my EL600, which blew up the other week, on the comute round the M25.


The black one is the aforementioned EL600 and the red one is my Monster which is undergoing some customisation at the mo.


Haven't got any pictures of my Harley as it's scattered around the house in bits! Best way to have one, can't break down on you and hard to nick!

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my '91 Mercury Grand Marquis....or as i've nicknamed it, the German U boat for it the fact it's aboot the size of one and handles like one as well


...my next car coming up here soon is a Ford Pinto



...no Pretty Fly For a White guy jokes please or i'll send Glenn Danzig out to eat your head

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Well, this thread has reared its ugly head yet again, and the Americans are flooding it with their usual gas-muzzling, world-polluting vehickels (I'm only jealous), so here's my box on wheels:




I should point out that's not my actual car, but identical. Mine's a 53 (2003) reg plate. If you look hard enough, you can see the rubber band needs winding up on that model. ;)

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1985 Mazda RX7 GSL-SE





It isn't finished. This is a 20 year old car, and being somewhat restored. The engine is in pretty much perfect condition. Alot of new parts were put into it before we bought it. We also put new suspension into it, and a few other parts that were shot. A new coat of paint, and a redone interior and the thing will look and perform like brand new.

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95 Toyota Celica GT Mk. 6 (6th gen) www.6gc.net




Current mods:

1.5" drop with sport lines

KYB gr2 strusts



Custom CAI w/ AEM bypass valve

Custom Halo/angel eyes

Black reverse glow gauges

10" Kicker subs on 1000w in custom fiberglass boxes molded inside the back quarter panel.


Mods in progress:

5SFTE (trubo)

315cc injectors

255 lph fuel pump

CT26 trubo w/ 3sgte parts

NGK spark plugs


Anodized Intercooler

Other little tid-bits

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2003 New Balance 500's in BLACK, baby. ;)



-Custom Shoelace Configuration


-Duct tape underbody repair system (not seen)


-Awesome camo netting (but just when I show em off)


Not much horsepower, but they work, and they're very fuel efficient.

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