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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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Pics from Crail on Sunday.








The trusty A&K 'factory sample' :D


Really need to fix that *frootcagio* feed cover. I need to get un-watermarked versions of these.

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I need to get to Crail at some point, would be fun for the pistols. When I have a weekend off call and the weather is nice I will get down there. :P



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NOTE: Some of my pics are googles off. This is either in designated goggle off areas like the tents or on the first day when it was acclimatisation and guns were 'safe'. That is to say batteries disconnected, gas out of mags, unloaded mags with no mags inserted.


Photos taken by 'Mercy'.


Not expecting a camera:








Writing an OpOrd prior to briefing my section. At first it was a rather frustrating task but after a while it became easy, providing all of the relevant information to my section and also command so everyone knew what was going on:




Briefing my section prior to heading out, the section takes notes because most have specific taskings, be it pace counting, compass man or pointman. Bearings and distances are calculated as a part of the planning for the OpOrd and not only is it important for completing the mission, it's also important that a member of the patrol can safely get back to camp if separated or killed:






PCIs before heading out. Ensuring everyone has the right kit for a tasking is important, with water being a main issue:




Going to 'acquire' some engine parts to fix one of the Mutts. Vehicle graveyard was right alongside a main route of travel for WARPAC and so whilst our West German mechanic searched for suitable parts, myself and our driver provides security along the road. Those little things are awesome! So quiet and can get up, down or through almost anything.




Getting back from a patrol:




Ensuring the security of the trails and valleys of West Germany, close to the IGB. We'd actually been tasked to determine the usability of roads and trails in several valleys after a huge storm the day before. You'll be surprised what a mutt will get up and down that a BTR-40 can't. Thankfully.




2AM. Giving my runner a task whilst on Watch Duty. Manning the comms. shack was a bit part of that. We had 1st Squad and the Canadians out in East Germany that night causing all sorts of havoc, with the British section acting as a QRF if required, and the West Germans heading out at 4AM to cause their own brand of mayhem. Monitoring the comms meant we could keep up to date with the situation and respond as required. A few hours later after some rest, we'd find ourselves deep in East Germany in two ambush positions awaiting WARPAC forces.



Edited by Azubi

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Aye, nice to meet you too mate! Oklahoma Joe's was indeed a highlight, I'd recommend that place to anyone going anywhere near Kansas City.

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Today we made a temathic "24 - Jack Bauer" game, CTU vs The Gang.


The first two games, no AEG's or big GBB... just shotguns, GBB, AEP, NBB and Snipers.


The last two games, AEG's... but lot's of guys used also the pistols and shotguns.













More photos at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.612632235429593.159399.100000484662760&type=3

24 man...legendary TV series...I miss it so! I commend you for posting this! haha that TV show influenced SOOO much of my formative years as crazy as that sounds.


Pics from today.








Now THAT scared me!

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Heroshark, I'm loving that old man of the woods mask! :D Is it moulded from your own face?


Also some pictures of me rocking my tacticoo RPK-74M:





Of course, after the photos were taken I realised that the kneepads need restitching. Derp.

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Thanks ,yes bud it is . It's great when I go somewhere new or meet new player's the looks I get are great ,especially when I spark up a cigarette with it on.

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A couple of me and my team from Sunday, taken by the sites photographer.



'Cos I'm operator   :P


Me and a team mate getting suppressed by the enemy


I'm up, he's seen me, I'm down


Another guy on my team





These are all my team and a few extras for that game (about 10 of us in all) holding out against the entire enemy team, we were stuck in the corner and getting flanked, held out for a good 6-7 minutes before getting swamped.

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