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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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Yeah, I play with a 310fps G-Spec and a green dot now, because reasons:







And of course the obligatory blurry action shot:




That one was taken as I sent a single 0.28g under an old jeep, into a guys foot to get the hit.



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First woodland game for like.. 5 years at a guess. Pointless face blur is purely because my mask got knocked and was sat at a stoopid-*albatross* lookin' angle.



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Some images from back in March at MSW's Rostov Rising.


I ran a 5-man recon element. Here we are steady chilling in an impromptu LP/OP, taking it easy because we were up most of the previous night doing the same thing very close to enemy lines.




Several times during the weekend we were able to identify, infiltrate, and hit the rear of a much larger element and roll them up. In this photo, we've just overrun a platoon CCP, effectively ending a major assault. Good times.




The whole element.



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