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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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Team Diablo

Operation Goliath 12th/13th May 2012 Stirling Airsoft @ The UCAP Sandpit, Kent










Awesome weather, considering it's rained nearly all month. these photo's don't even look like the UK.

In the 2nd picture we are wearing life vests as we were about to get in the RIB to get across the lake.

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If they're these trousers (based on the light knee bits), the pockets look a little flaccid even in those photos, smaller than real spec pads?


Either way I wish there were more people with that quality SEAL-y kits near me. Or at least in the same place at the same time.

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We're all 6ft or more. The AOR1 is the Korean eBay copy, the Multicam is some china copy version.

We all suffer to an extent with the knee pad placement being a little high. For some reason in the photo it's worse than normal. And it's still better than normal knee pads that end up round my ankles.

Mr. Jon

Pocket size is good, I have real Crye pads and they fitted fine and match the copy for size. The China copy Gen3 style pads I had looked good when I first got them but the foam flattened out really quickly. That might have happened to the pads in the Multicam trousers.

Should have gone to this Milsim event... Lot's of cool guy kit, and not that far from you by the looks of things.

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makes sense, I figured the pockets would be the right size, the shots ebb had just showed them quite empty looking. I thought it wouldn't be as sturdy as the cryes foam, but that's pretty serious squashing, glad I got mine before the clones came out as I would have been tempted into it.


It really makes me envious, especially with the water-borne element to it, spent my whole life jumping in and out of motorboats, just a transport/laziness issue really. I'll see about it when I get my next load of kit in, don't fancy floatation with my hugger, when the chest rig comes I'll look into it.

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Same event as the Diablo guys (pleasure to play on the same side as always)


Team GrayFox @ Stirling Airsoft - Operation Golaith, UCAP sandpit


callsigns Blackbeard













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How long does it take to make one of those masks?


It's about a weeks work but I prefer to spread it over 2 . Its good to take a step back from them sometimes rather than rush it.

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