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Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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I'm no photoshop expert but I can't help but notice a slight problem here...  

From the post apoc larp game with airsoft called "Blodsband" in Sweden. 3 day event with 700 people. Pretty much like fallout.   Me and my tribe "Stammen", im the one with feathers in the mask.  

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Time for something altogether more soft and cuddly after all those pics of people doing warlike, agressive stuff. Me and Colm, Foxtrot 58's "senior soldiers", return to the Safe Zone for a well-deserved nosebag and brew-up after a satisfying Sunday morning shooting the sh*t out of each other.





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Ive seen that move.


It's hot, humid, you're moving around a lot.


That, looks like a tactical wedgie removal.

Underarmour compression shorts. They do wonders, trust me.



hahaha, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this picture was Tactical Groundhog; whack-a-mole fights back



and so I am not spamming, a picture of me from the last game I went to:



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Here at a bigger game in sweden, called Mercs 6


All hail Slavko, our leader, our commander... OUR UNITER!!




indeed this was not THE best position for us to be in, but it was THE best position to defend the road from, and this was a pretty offensive defend!





Our team, yes we are all swedes, who plays norweigans!! and we are proud to be the only swedish norweigan team out there :P...

(do note that we where dragged our of our sacks to get into the fight, hence not THE most camouflaged clothes! but hey, whatever gets the job done right :P)


For we, we are the Team Evil Pineapples!!!!


(muaha Pekekyo-nor, you got competition in scandinavia, although you are still kicking our *albatross*!!)

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Had a good game day yesterday, nice and sunny and warm. Tried out my latest project gun, an ANCIENT CA M15 that I was given for free - ex rental, pretty beat up internally. Sorted it out and now she's running nicely - though I need to swap the hop-up unit out, the old CA ones are awful at holding their position. I think I'll keep it as my simple loaner gun - I quite like the sliding stock, standard foregrips and fixed carry handle. It's been a while since I used irons. :D




With one of my mosfets, an old systema motor I had lying around (really, really old, circa 2002) and a 9.6v battery, along with my usual Gearbox mods and such, she's doing 20rps and has quite a nice snappy trigger pull. I cleaned up with her in the semi-only CTF games, managing to cap all 3 flags myself in one round. It turns out not many people expect you to slide into cover on your *albartroth* and keep firing whilst on your back. :D




Oh, and my rubber bayonet is again useful. :3



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You need to buy a larger BDU =)


Actually, I need to buy LONGER BDUs, I'm pretty tall, about 199cm. The stuff I'm wearing fits my waist and chest fine, but the sleeves and the legs are too short. It's hard to find long fitting BDUs... :(


Jon L, how do you find MARPAT working in your field? At the site I play at the ground is pretty green and the vegetation is quite thick in the summer, so I find that MARPAT works well in the Autumn and Winter, but in the Spring and Summer I run CADPAT due to the overgreeness. :D

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Darklite, where do you airsoft? As I can never get over how identical your safe zone looks to our safe zone looks at airsoft commando. Our clubhouse is in the same place, the same colour, we have similar tents and fencing and we even have an oil drum!


Random query over :P






Tis my local site, great players there, and some awesome bits of playing field - it's just a pity that we share some of it with paintballers... :( The Airsoft-only bits are fantastic though, island assaults and fording rivers for the win!

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