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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Thanks guys! My father and I made the adapter on the bridgeport and CNC lathe at work. I might draw up a plan to get a single piece unit made (although the two piece unit I have is perfectly fine) by CNC or casting. best part is I could go right to my boss and get a quote if I end up doing that, although it would be expensive for such a small run.





The only problem with my adapter is that the hole for the hinge pin was drilled in the wrong spot, so I'm going to end up just friction fitting a smaller pin after I attach the adapter with quicksteel or something similar. It won't be able to fold, but I would have no way to lock it so it doesn't really bother me.




















Buffer tube is held on by the grub screw on the bottom of the adapter. One I have time to get it at the perfect angle, I'll set it with loctite and grind the rest of the screw away.


Also, call me crazy, but I really like how it looks now, so I might not even paint the adapter.. :unsure:

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Heres my AK so far. Chopped down the outer barrel, and added a Beta spetz front sight, swapped the lower from a solid stock to this side folder,(waiting on an underfolder to show up monday) Slant flash hider is also on the way.



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you'll need an m4 GBBR gas tube(or RS) and a piece of metal tube with thread inside(use a thread-cutter or a turn bench), you'll have to sacrifice a skeleton stock, cut the stock down like this:




and use a welder to fix the piece of tube to the stock, enjoy



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Does the JG Advanced RIS AK (Krebs replica) top cover work on an Echo 1 AK74UN? I am looking to do a build based on a few illustrations for a comic book proposal I have been working on for a few months. I need some better props for reference for the Spetznaz in the story. Thanks for any help on this and if there is any tricked out AK74's you have seen with a fully railed top cover that would be cool too.

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I used arc, but be careful with the cyma bodies, they are made of steel but the end of the receiver contains pot metal (I mean the mechanism of the stock)


ive removed the pot metal stock parts, ive got a pice of sheet steel im going to fold and then weld on to the back then weld on the threaded pipe to get the stock tube on, what size threading was the tube? metric or imperial?

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sorry, I don't know the exact size cause I used a SIG556 buffer tube and the thread size is different from the common m4 GBBR gas tubes and a buddy of mine made the thread with his turn-bench

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