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Killbucket's Build Thread


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One for the ladies, or for the man with no self-doubts:


Itty-bitty, easy to flick about, light in weight, and will be coated in the sissiest "Hello Kitty" hue I can find.


I'm even going to research Sanrio to get this "feeling right"...wait till wifey finds THAT in my history...



Holes laid out, main body is bonded to "delinker" tube with Oatey ABS cement. A cake-decorating bottle is used to cleanly apply the glue.



Pilot holes are drilled with a small bit.



And then a mondo-sized step bit is used to hog them out.



The hand-held jig saw comes into play for the straight cuts.



Making the slot for the drive belt in the front of the main body tube. Two main cuts are done with the sabre saw, then a sharp blade is used to deeply score the last cut.



Then the part is snapped out, and the cuts cleaned up...



With a handy rasp/file combo tool.



After the "motor body" gets its belt slot done similarly, the two are aligned and bonded up. The tiny hole seen here comes into play a bit later on.



Now the HARD PART: Walk away, human, just walk away...let it set up solid for a few hours.


Next up: The Control Yoke.

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Going for the full build? Awww, I was going to suggest making it a bit more feminine by reducing its bulk ie shorter barrels. That'd be the day: SBR minigun. And with a different Hello Kitty impression per barrel to make it seem animated when it spins.

You are brilliant. If you have a hunchback, I may be able to use you!

6" -that's SIX INCH BARRELS!

Reasoning: If this is your gun, it's not because you feel a need for a Penis Extension.

EDIT:...11.75" looks better...hmmmmmm...

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He uses a Drill motor with a rubber belt drive. Unfortunately killbuckets Miniguns dont shoot out of the exterior barrels, they are just for show. there is a middle barrel which the bbs come out of.

If you want a mini that actually fires from the spinning barrels, check out "P3 minigun"...bring THOUSAND$.


And be ready to stop firing YOURSELF before the mag goes empty, because they self-destruct if run dry -AT ALL. The FEW vids of the operating on the internet are good evidence of their actual usage and useability.


I advise against dreams of buying a new one, as they are noted "out of stock" at most sites that list them. My guess is returns will kill the current crop of clones as well*.


My minis can run and gun, because they're self-contained. The "normal" airsoft mech (M14 CYMA here) makes them actually capable of firing for over five seconds at a time- (try over five minutes solid firing, without let-up. I've done this) That's why I do them this way.


*Also, I respect P3's patents. They cover virtually everything that "fires like a minigun" in the USA.



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You are brilliant. If you have a hunchback, I may be able to use you!

6" -that's SIX INCH BARRELS!

EDIT:...11.75" looks better...hmmmmmm...

I thought it was the animated Kitty idea that you'd like. <_< But yeah, 6" does sound a little too extreme. 11.75" sounds reasonable. Closer to what most sbr's have anyway which is 10".

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I think you're getting the P3 and Echo1/Caw/ToyTec confused a bit.


P3's is the limited run Gas one which has just had a Hop added. I think about 50 exist, in all models.


Echo 1's is a rehash of the ToyTec electric Minigun from '97, which has been known to rape itself in some circles.

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None are immune from destruction if run dry. In other words, bad design, that can't be improved due to P3's patents.


Cool looking things, but they're not useful airsoft guns.


The ONLY way to tell my guns shoot from the center and not the barrels, is to look into the muzzle while it fires... and that's not exactly advisable...

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It's substantially smaller than the last build. (I forgot to NAME it!!! It's now known as "The T600")



wondering where I got the square tubing? They're "balusters", commonly used on stair railings as vertical supports. Got 'em at Lowe's, and I HATE shopping there!(they've learned nothing from the failure of Albertson's, add four "self-serve" checkouts, and leave most of the others unmanned... But sometimes, you have to go where materials are available).



The drive end of the pack. The center tube sticks into the mini, and has a vacuum cleaner belt around it. In the middle is a cut-down M14 barrel. It will be anchored into the main body tube, and becomes the "axle" that the pack spins on.



The barrels are 11.75" long, center tube is 13". Each barrel disc is 3" diameter -tiny!



Main body is 20.5" overall. What you see here is just a taste over 5 pounds so far.


More pics in processing...

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Time to wet-sand the body and prime it for paint.



I'll have to whip up the ammo chute today as well. I have a bin full of links now, so it will go FAST....



The "motor" gets a slip-on end cover for tool-less belt access. Unscrewing the grey caps allows the yoke to be slid away from the rear mount, and off the gun.



This will be a very un-cluttered design.



If it doesn't need to be here, I didn't include it. Designing your own stuff frees you from a lot of the constraint that copying actual items entails.



and off to painting with these!


A side note: I've now made my link belt into a DIY parts kit:


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