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Marui L96


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Been in the news for a while, here's the details from the thread. It's based on the VSR-10.


PDI X-Fire has put up thier version of the SHIZUOKA Hobby Show report



L96 AWS Review


To elaborate on the L96, the Cylinder, Piston Head, and internal parts of the Cylinder excluding the spring are of smaller dimensions. The inner barrel and parts are related to the VSR-10. All good areas of the VSR-10 is incorperated into the design of the L96. The magazine was made possible by using a sliding arm follower, which pushes the BB out from the front of the magazine, then carry the BB into the loading chamber. This is what Tokyo Marui calls as the "realistic magazine", as in real guns, the bolt pushes a BB into the chamber. The trigger pull can also be adjusted to the user as well. The pull of the bolt and trigger are both smooth and crisp. The bull barrel can also accomodate a GSPEC type silencer.











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Something about the trigger, maybe?




Anyway, with Marui being Marui, however they solve having the Mag so far back, I'm sure the end result will have us all going "aaaaah, but of course!"


The mag will work as essentially all spring pistols do, but with only a longer BB travel. Surely everyone who is into airsoft has played with and probably still owns a spring pistol. :P

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The Marui news from the first post states (strangely);


"Sun August 2009 26 on Sale New"


Could be bad translating there, could have been easily changed too but if so it will likely appear on the HK market in the next week or so.

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If it's any good (which I don't doubt, being a Marui) and well-priced, I believe I might have to get me a G22-project going.


Maybe, just maybe, with some work, the internals will fit in a STAR/ARES AW-338 stock, which has the correct side-folding buttstock.

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I love the irony that most folk wont touch this until they can replace all the parts. :D


This is no VSR is it. :( Way more complex.


That system allowing the magazine to be in the correct place is a bit of a mouthful.


Shame it wasn't the folding stock version.


I reckon it will be popular in the end. Marui are super really & if Promy or someone turn this into a 500fpser, well. :D




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