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AR15 Picture Thread

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I like this! 16"? Not a big fan of the MBUS, but if your outer barrel is aluminum, I bet that thing is light as hell. Must handle very well.Silver buffer tube is very bling bling. Don't get it gold plated. Is this a TM EBBR? GBBR?


Nope just a 14.5" M4 barrel. Sadly the barrel isn't ally. As someone else has worked out its a PTW and it weighs an absolute tonne.

Good o'


AFG - Nah not my bag. Might look cool but I don't like the feel of them at all.



Kipper: What's the short dot you're using there mate? If it's a replica and you've got any thoughts on it, good or bad, I think fair few people out there, including myself, would like to hear them.


It's this one:



Quality wise.. it's okay. In reality it feels like a 1.1/1.2x scope which outside in big ranges doesn't make any difference but it's enough inside to prevent any co-witness aimpoint style action.


The dot it quite dim too. The brightness can be 'turned up to 11' but even then it's not that bright. It washes out a bit in bright sunlight but then again it goes super dim on it's lowest setting (probably NV compatible actually).

And the all important eye relief? Not great. It's not that it's really close just the area where it's right is tiny. Move your head forwards or backwards even half an inch and it's a struggle to use.

All in - 5/10 maybe?

Guess you can't complain so much about the price and the fact nothing else out there has the look.


If it's just practicality you want (and 1-4x switching) and aren't too bothered about the short-dot look I'd go red-dot + magnifier.

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More Pics of the WOC before it receives a bit of a tweak externally.








State in picture:


Prime Steel Bolt Carrier (Sanded, a lot, to get it to work better)

RA-Tech Aluminum Nozzle with NPAS

RA-Tech Hop Up rubber

JDT 6.03 509mm length tightbore

AABB Hardy Recoil Spring

G&P Steel Buffer Lock

DPMS Modified Charging Handle

All other internals are stock WOC internals



Dboys M5 RIS

G&P FN M16A4 Metal body (newest version, still wobbles a little bit)

G&P 6 position Buffer tube with G&P Crane Stock

ERGO Grip vertical Grip

PRO&T AN/PEQ 15 w/ Green Laser




Dboys Bipod Adapter with Rockford Mount Harris style bipod


I have 7 magazines converted to HPA. When the mags don't leak they are pressurized to 140 PSI, NPAS will be set (I haven't had much of an opportunity to tweak this yet) to around 400 FPS w/ .20's (Actually the equivalent Joules with .28's).


Changes coming soon:

Magpul UBR stock in OD (Not sure how I'll like OD, but nothing a rattle can can't fix :D)

Some Rail Covers for all that virgin rail space :)

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It occurred to me that i hadn't taken any pictures of my guns in a while. This is my Troy M7A1 cqb carbine, has served me for 18 months without a single problem, gleaming piece of kit.



That looks awesome - The squared off muzzle end looks mean as hell. Take it the DD rail was pricey?



I discovered i hit too many trees with a 14.5 barrel, so i went back to a 10.5...




And the mixture of ACM/Magpul shades of green just makes it a little more unique :P

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Yeah i know what you mean, my barrel is 7.5, cant stand long barreled weapons!

The DD RIS lite cost me £327 from midway uk. About 10 minutes after i bought it showed up as sold out on the page so i think i got the last one!





Ouch! That's a whole G&P M7A1 worth of money... Still, it does look the tits, and it's gotta be pretty unique in the UK. I can't get along with anything bigger than a 10.5, i find anything more than a couple of inches from my supporting hand gets in the way. Besides, airsoft wise anything more than a 300mm barrel doesn't really make much of a difference.


Annoyingly though, i really like the looks of longer guns, buy one, then realise i can't get on with it and sell it. Must stop doing that.

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Nothing special, just an ICS with a splash of Magpul but think I'm finally satisfied with how it looks (and it does fire rather nicely with only a tightbore upgrade). Needs more use and abuse mind you...







*Tried to give the suppressor an imitation 'fired' effect, not sure how well it's turned out as I have no reference pics...

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Probably want to take the black a little further back down the suppressor for an authentic carbon build-up, it wouldn't stay just on the front face like that. If it was me, I'd get some sort of pressure panel holder for that torch as well, but if it works for you then that's what matters. Overall though, looks seriously nice, particularly the stock; not often you see pimped out ICSs either so +1 for that,

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Thanks for the comments.

@CKinnerley - Thanks, as I mentioned I have no reference pics to go on! If you have any/can link me that'd be great, or PM a description (as to not clutter this thread).

@Scuffer - I don't even want to think about what you've done to get that DD to fit... but it's very nice! Put a MOE grip on if you want some real fun with sand paper...

@Sacair - That is lovely, plain and simple.

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@Scuffer - I don't even want to think about what you've done to get that DD to fit... but it's very nice! Put a MOE grip on if you want some real fun with sand paper...

Haha well it involved an ICS 10' outer barrel then fabricating a whole new barrel nut out of an ICS delta ring to fit the DD rail, then dremeling the stock tube adapter to take a TM stock tube :)

As for the MOE grip, I'll give it a miss for now!!!

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Here is a temporary shot of my gun until I have the last part I need.


As such the gun currently is running 25-30rps @ 400fps. The last thing i need is an engraved Noveske body. Other than that just improving the internals to higher RPS while maintaining the FPS. Enjoy.


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No longer looks like this(Is in pieces atm since I am contemplating on buying another mosfet since I failed horribly installing the first one) but ICS M4A1 with JBU TBB, JBU FF RAS and 416 sights. Btw Blackjack, did you dremel that Magpul MOE to fit on your ICS? I myself have an MOE grip but dremeled the heck out of it and it still doesn't fit correctly to the lower receiver )': .

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