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M14 Picture Thread

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Ok...post all your pics of M14's up here, only a few rules though


1) No spam (kinda speaks for itself)

2) No images other than of your guns or in the field/posing etc


Thats it so go!


BTW - im doing this as i seriously want a reason to push myself to buy an m14.


Cheers, James.

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It's not an AEG. It is based off of the UnCo GBB. I replaced most of the external parts with real steel. The E2 stock set is USGI, and still has the DOD, USMC, and P cartouche. The M2 is USGI and the stabilizer is Fulton. The sling is also specially designed for the E2...it's a rudimentary 3pt sling. I did show it to a colleague I go shooting with and even holding it he too thought it was an NFA regsitered E2 (it does weigh a tad more than my M1A because of the M2 and the stabilizer). Ofcourse, after looking at it for a few minuets you can easily tell it's a toy (the barrel is a dead give away).


More M14 ###### from me....I believe the real steel E2 was never used as a SAW by US troops. I know ARVN units were given E2 before M60's (this is the setup I based mine upon). E2's were issued to Army 4th Division LRRP Sniper Detachment (as well as a few USMC units...I think). The only difference between the ARVN models were the M84 scopes. It was designed to take both duplex AND match grade ammo, and the pistol grip fixed the "kick and recoil" issue. If you read Garavaglia's issue of American Rifleman (which I got a copy of on ebay) he claims it is highly leathal and accurate beyond 700m shooting prone.


EDIT: Also, they do make 30rd mags for the M1A/M14 (not that an additional 10 makes a difference considering a 60 can take 100 rounds or more).

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My first AEG is gonna be an m14 by tm. Im gonna get the black stocked one and then a mount and some sort of scope. Will the mags be real steel capacity?


quick question, Does anyone know the release date on the TM M14? I've tried searching but found nothing.


I want to know that as well.

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