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Unconventional guns picture thread

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First of all, I hope this is okay, I search for "CZ75" and every thread about it is locked. Than I went through the first 5 pages of this forum twice and haven't found a thread where this gun fits in.


If it's not okay just delete it and please send me a message that you did you so, thanks!


So in case somebody can read this, where is my licensed KWA CZ75, nice original trades on one, ugly ASG trades on the other side and CZ logos on the grips. Still better than the KWA markings.





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It is just amazingly well made.

First time I picked it up it felt like a black firing gun. Really really solid. Even the sound of cocking the hammer is awesome. And it feels so, so smooth in hands.

Someone please come up with a stainless metal outer barrel!! Than it's a true 10/10.

Still waiting for my dark woodgrips to make it look even classier :)

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Sure, hope eBay links are ok.


That's the guy. Quality (well can't really compare since these are my first woodgrips ever) is pretty good.




BTW, here is a daylight pic. Strangely the grips are still darker in person.



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Well, there's that, and the fact that KSC/KWA hopup leaves much to be desired :/


And the fact that I can't figure out the reason behind a double action trigger if you can't decock it, or that dropping the hammer then pulling in DA doesn't do anything :/

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Is that a metal barrel or plastic? If it is metal, how does that work with the NS2/System 7 system? And finally, where did you get it and how much did it cost???


Not it's "just" the stock KSC plastic barrel, but it works perfectly with the NS2 KWA full metal pistol.

I got it from tokyo model for $22 plus $8 shipping.

I haven't found a metal barrel and I doubt there is one :(

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here's my Real Sword type 97B, it's getting a tightbore, SCS nub, new hop rubber, and an infected mosfet. First AEG I've felt like I could abuse like a real weapon.





Asahi Bushmaster M-17, in my mind the pinnacle of airsoft, it doesn't get much better than a steel body, Brass/aluminum/steel internals, and an LRB. Body is stamped with a 1985 production date, internals are all original except for O-rings, the spring, and a LRB with recoil weight.


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