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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

My collection: It includes one or two cousins, sorry for this.      

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My Galils:

Top is an TNK Inokatsu AR (Daytona Gun gen 4)

Middle is a TNK King Arms SAR (Daytona Gun gen 3) with real stock, mag, pistol grip, handguard and retainers, gas tube, tritium night sights, and has a working left side selector.

Bottom is a polarstar TSI micro with a TSI mag adapter, real stock, gas block, hand guard, and various small parts, and working left side selector.




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One of my favorite hobbies is to take magazines for one gun and cut them up so they fit and feed in something completely different. 




MAG brand Sig midcap, fits great and feeds 100% with a little time on the mini mill and  no modification to the gun (this time)


Mags are the same price as VAL mags but double the capacity, once I put a vise on my mill it'll be a 5 minute mod compared to a half hour of 1-2-3 blocks and filing for the proof of concept. 






Also, since this is an AK thread and not a VAL thread, here's my kyber/taliban special 74u.




Paki tape with a 250 Dinar note on the upper handguard, held in place by brass tacks 



Battery pouch is a Yugo sling and leather oiler pouch, barely holds a 1400mah 40-80c 11.1v after I cut some stitching on the pouch. I'm going to get something a hair smaller so I can hide the connectors in the pouch and cover the gun side cables with 550 cord, but I wanted to try it in a game first and see how I liked it. 




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very nice. what made you think of using sig magazines? do the coupler studs still work?


I spent a few hours comparing pictures of random rock and lock magazines to the as val mags and and figured the sig mags were cheap enough to gamble on. The coupler studs don't work, the magwell is too thick... or tall.. I didn't have a chance to cut them off.

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Yep, those need time to "break in" and wear a bit. I run a surplus belt on my real steel Polish AKMS and after a year and a bit (of moderate shooting drill use) some parts of the belt are still stiff and rough. 

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Hi, yes it is. The folding ability is quite useless, and the hinge on left side touches my nose, but with time I`m used to avoid it.


The downward angle isnt a big problem, I can still see through the iron sights, perhaps not without the MOE cheek raiser. If you use a red dot, better get a low profile mount for it (as I have for my AP).

Its a CYMA ultimak, it`s cheap and works well! I have the same in my RPK too. No need to pay extra for LCT`s own, if they make one.

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that is indeed one of the new series.

Palm grip is good but needs to be modded slightly to fit on a 74 receiver it seems. Or at least on the cyma's.

I also cut off a piece of the lever on the outside of the gearbox. I couldn't get it into safe otherwise.

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