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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

My collection: It includes one or two cousins, sorry for this.      

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^ I got the ebbairsoft version it works quite well.. whats it going on?


Well, I guess the ebairsoft version is made for Airsoft and that's why it worked.

As far as I know, only Real Sword Aks are identical too the real steel part on the receiver's length matter, that sorely being the reason of their unique gearbox (regular V3 GB don't fit on real Ak).

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Won't work, as airsoft AK receivers are longer than RS receivers.


good job the main rail is two pieces and the tri rail bit allow's it to be axtended to fit longer/shorter receivers.

not sure why they made it that way but it is also sold as fitting siaga shotguns, is that receiver longer than an ak47 receiver.

My main concern was it not fitting into the rear site holder on an airsoft receiver.

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Airsoft rear sight blocks take real steel stuff just fine. Also, make sure the unit can adjust as much as you need it to. Airsoft receivers are 5mm longer than real ones, they might only have built it to adjust for a very small amount of variation in receiver length.


Saiga shotguns take the same length dust covers as the rifles. I don't see how that would work on one, though. At least the ones we get over here since they don't have a traditional RSB..

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Does anyone make something like this for Airsoft? Or I'd have to resort to use the RS version....




Thinking about using that instead of a AK104 style one so I can stick with 14x1 thread(probably rethread the outer barrel itself)....

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AFAIK the RS AK104 style front sight/gas block are threaded in M24 x 1.5, I think LCT's version is the same. I want to keep the blackout so I really don't want to go big thread....The clamp-style block doesn't need pin slot neither, so it might be easier to fit..

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Just want to add fuel to the flash hider fire.


I would like to confirm the larger muzzle brake size of VFC/CYMA ak's.

I have measured my LCT one and it is definately M24x1.5mm


Can someone confirm other brands please? I have searched but cant find anything concrete.



VFC(and Dboys Ak74) has an adaptor on the front sight block.


Front sight block itself is 14mm threaded as far as I can tell; but the adaptor puts it at 24mm.


Kind of stupid to have; it is not like I will ever throw anything else onto the threads.

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It's just the trigger finger manipulation tab he's riveted on there:




Wish I had a tool set here for riveting, learnt how to do it but your average DIY store just doesn't seem to carry the sets. Certainly opens up a lot of options for working on certain types of AKs.

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The GHK selector removes relatively easily, if not at all alike with RS....You unscrew the pivet(I did it with a slip-jaw plier, which is why its kinda marred), then the selector just comes off. Its keyed on the actual internal bits itself.


I just took the tab, marked the holes with the punch on the selector, took it to a drill press a work and drilled the holes. The Rivet just needs to be hammered on from behind. You really should do it on a copper block or something softer than a steel vise, which is why my rivet heads are also flattened and discolored.....

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