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AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

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M4 Carbine R979:



(Rifle Gas-Blowback) 400fps using green gas and 0.20g BBs

Bomber CNC Lower Receiver For WA M4 (M4 Carbine, Burst) & Prime CNC Upper

Inokatsu Parts: M4 14.5inch Steel Outer Barrel Set for WA M4 GBB (2009 Version) & M4 Super Bolt (Steel) 2010 Version

G&P WA Parts: Assemble Parts (Frame Set), M16A2 Grip (Black) (WP44B), Burst Set (WP136), M4 CNC Trigger Guard, Steel Bolt Stop (WP51), M4 Type Cocking Handle (CNC Process), M4 Hammer Lock (WP57), Steel Magazine Catch, Steel Selector (WP69), Steel Forward Assist (WP76) & Buttstock Speed Buffer

RA-TECH Parts: Hop Up Rubber for WA M4 GBB Series & Recoil Spring (Summer Type)

Prime M4 Metal Hop Up Chamber Set (WA version)

PDI 6.01mm Precision Inner Barrel for WA M4 GBB Series (368mm)

Real Parts:AR15/M16A2 Flash Hider with Peel Off Washer, Delta Ring, Barrel Nut, Handguard Spring, Handguard Snap Ring, Handguard Cap Round & Gas Tube Pin

Colt Parts: Military Fiberlite Stock with late 4 Position Stock Pipe, H Buffer & Sling Swivel

Knights Armament Parts: 30mm Reflex Mount For Aimpoint Comp Straight Up Mounting (KAC P/N: 98073-1), 300 Meter Flip-Up Rear Sight (KAC P/N: 97082, Rail Interface System (RIS) (KAC P/N: 94297) & Vertical Foregrip (KAC P/N: 97098)

Sight: Aimpoint Comp M3, Black Outer Rubber Cover & KillFlash A.R.D.

Optional: Colt M4A1 Double Heatshield Handguard




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Hello Kitty?





uhmm, in this thread, page 7, post 129, tis my Magpul Noveske hybrid, 10" Noveske rail, 12.5" Noveske Crusader barrel (both Madbull).


And squeakyL, that's your girlfirends, right? ;)


nope :)

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Started of as a G&G GR15...




G&G GR15 Plastic receiver

G&G Tango Down pistol grip

Element MK18 RIS II

G&P 16" outer barrel

G&P Marine Stock (Long)

G&P Stubby Raider TD Foregrip

G&P QD Sling Clip

G&G M16 style flash hider

Vector Optics Swift 1.25-4.5x26 scope

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nice, but the magpul bad looks bent? :huh:


Yeah like CKinnerley mentioned you have to modify the b.a.d. lever for the EBB models. This is mostly due to the fact that the bolt catch actually functions, without modification the lever comes into contact with the receiver.

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Nice as usual Ivan.


I'm digging all black at the minute so I'm wanting to swap out all my FDE furniture (ACS, moe grip, xtm's, hint hint) on my noveske build to black so it'll end up pretty similar to yours.

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