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First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

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Hi guys.


I've waited for this rifle to be released for what felt like forever. Purchased from Impulse101 in Japan, this is among the first batch and I ordered 3 additional magazines which I was told will be sent in the next couple of weeks. I didn't mind that, just as long as I had TM's latest offering. I just picked it up this afternoon and I thought I'd share a few pics along with a brief first impression. Also comparison to the GHK M4.




The usual snazzy (compared to a boring brown cardboard GHK and the like boxes) Marui gun box contains the well presented rifle.






Closer inspection of the finish revealing a dull matte grey finish, texture feeling rugged. Not so much rough. Just feels like a decent rugged finish, this being my first hands on with a Cerakoted product.






Build quality:




It's a solid feeling rifle, zero play between the upper and lower receiver. The delta ring isn't as difficult to pull back as the stiffer GHK and allows the easy removal of the rail without wishing one had three hands. The receiver is also able to be broken down without the need of tools right out of the box, the captive pins are super easy to remove.


Contrast in colour between the outer barrel and front iron sight is instantly noticeable. The grey finish, similar to that on the receiver is present on the triangular front sight and with it being over the outer barrel, it's one of the first things one may note when first picking up the rifle. Although the lovely 5.56 Nato markings almost make up for it.


By the way it is a one piece outer barrel so it lacks the detachable extension found some of the recoils etc.. Shame.






The Colt style buttstock feels very cheap. Flimsy, rattling and cheap. Also buffer tube diameter is commercial spec, GHK buttstock being milspec....spec? Is tough to attach.




The Knights style RIS system while old hat nowadays, appears to be the same as the one present on the SOPMOD Recoil, although don't quote me on that as its been a while since I've had one to compare. The rail number markings are fine and well represented. It doesn't wobble or flex side to side when gripped and jarred.

Also the top rail aligns well between the upper. I wish I could say the same for the GHK M4, which by the way on mine is a little off.




The Knights style folding rear adjustable iron sight is also a brilliant little device. Adjustable both in windage and elevation in very lovely audible clicks. Tokyo Marui Made In Japan written on the front face towards enemy.






The dust cover is somewhat ghastly with its visible screw holding the pin and spring in place. However it serves it's purpose and is perhaps something potential buyers could replace if they so desire.






Loaded with its 35rd magazine, the MWS weighs 3025g




With the GHK M4 with its magazine at 3105g. Only thing is I have the 10.5" GHK so not exactly doing it right here. Ha. But goes to show the MWS is a light and flickable carbine. Thumbs up from me!






The MWS magazine is finished with the same coating as the MWS and weighs a mere 465g.






Also as you may be able to tell the fill valve is not at a direct 90 degree angle as it faces out of the bottom of the magazine.



Also worth noting GHK AR Magazines and their weight:








Bolt Carrier








It's surprising the weight being almost the same however the shooting impulses are different between them. More on that later.


ZET System and lower internals




While we are all yet to determine the systems longevity (especially on green gas), we can still marvel at TM's strive for upmost performance over realism.






Hammer down






Hammer up








^ Note the lack of retaining pin for the bolt catch.


Versus GHK










Now this is an area where I haven't had much experience, I collected this rifle late this afternoon therefore I was unable to get outdoors to stretch its legs as the light was failing me. However indoors on green gas the rifle is a hoot to shoot, so snappy and smooth. No doubt the bearings on the hammer and on the carrier aid in it being so slick.


I can compare it to shooting the Marui MP7. Just bigger. It is as much fun shooting this on green gas as it is shooting the GHK is on C02. No sluggishness, just instant dynamite. Rock and roll on tap.

Chrono with .20's on green gas indoors in the 330's.




Can't wait to send some bbs down range and start adjusting the hop.




More on this soon. Thanks for looking guys.

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Thanks, subbed.


So, GHK VS TM? - hope to see that soon.


Assuming GHK CO2 rocks the ###### out of the TM ^_^.

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Bada bing, great review man!


Ive noticed the inner barrel looks alot shorter than the outer barrel, does it look like we can put a longer inner barrel or is it stepped with a lip at the end of the inner? Seeing yours makes me impatient for mine. Haha.

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I had some time behind the rifle today. Bedding in the hop up mainly and putting holes in a box. Also comparing its efficiency to the GHK. Results are kind of surprising.


Hop up dial sits just in front of the charging handle and clicks when adjusting making it superb at fine tuning.


The inner barrel is indeed shorter. CQBR length by the looks of it. I'd imagine it'll take a longer inner barrel with no problems, I can't see anything that would hinder it. Oh and the forward assist works.


Another thing to speak of is that they have included in the box an old fashioned long tube speed loader along with a cleaning/jamming rod. I haven't seen one of those in like 10 years!

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Thanks for the hop cut info i was actually a bit more curious if the outer barrel was the same diameter all the way through or if they made it smaller after the after the end of the inner barrel that would prevent putting a longer inner in as it wont pass through. I recall having that issue on my tm mp7 or something. Sorry if i wasnt as clear.

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Also received mine from firesupport yesterday, haven`t tested it thoroughly yet but initially have noticed it firing considerably higher than expected.  Chronoing indoors with 0.2`s I am getting 360-370 fps with abbey ultra jumping up to 1.5j when using 0.28`s. 


Performance is very good with abbey ultra but not so much with 144a as although it is chronoing around 1j, even indoors it is very sluggish and half way through the mag it starts to fire one shot then the blowback is not strong enough to load the next shoot and it will repeat that every two shots until the gas runs out with a few bbs left in the mag.


Testing on hpa it needs the psi lowered to around 40 psi to get it firing 0.28`s at 1j but the psi is not high enough to cycle the gun properly, I am sure there will be many aftermarket options so perhaps a restricted or adjustable nozzle which restricts the air flow to allow higher powered gas to be used for cycling without rising the fps as much as the orginal nozzle or a wider bore barrel.  I could do similar to the ghk adjustable nozzles and fit a grubscrew which screws into the nozzle but until spares are available I wouldn`t be to keen to modify it.  It may not be as much of an issue for those who aren`t restricted to 1j but I was hoping to not need to lower the power as it is a tm gun.

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Results are surprising in what way mate?

On propane the MWS will empty the magazine on one charge of gas and perhaps have enough gas left for maybe 5 more shots if conditions are alright. On the GHK gg mag it'll do almost two complete mag fills on just one charge. That surprised me, I was kinda expecting similar results.


Victory goes to GHK in that department.


After firing nearly 1k though it, I've noticed that the (other than at a squeeze it'll hold 36 bbs) mag needs a long charge of gas for it to finish a full magazine. Failing to do so will result in it getting to bb 29 and be empty of gas. When running on full tanks the rifle can fire rapidly with consistent gas pressure until it locks back. It hasn't worked too bad either outdoors in 10c weather.


Accuracy wise I couldn't tell if it's any good as it's been blowing 40-50 mph winds all weekend. Typical.


Propane hasn't seemed to break anything inside the MWS yet, so it's looking promising.

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Is it just me or do those fire selector markings (Safe, Semi, Auto) look really wonky? :o


Only thing that caught my eye really :P


On the left side the selector markings appear very softly engraved. While on the right side appear more pronounced.

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On the left side the selector markings appear very softly engraved. While on the right side appear more pronounced.


Looks like the same issue as M4 Recoil, on first batch the "Colt" markings where softly engraved while the rest of the markings where right

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I've managed to piece together the video. It has taken longer than I expected due to doing some home improvements which diverted much of my time.


Mainly focusing on a comparison between it and the GHK M4. Although there isn't as much firing with the GHK, much of the light is shed upon Marui's new hotness, forgive me if I haven't touched upon a few questions that has been raised.

All shooting has been conducted using Propane and I have yet to see a single issue with the MWS in doing so. I hope you all enjoy and could spare 15 minutes of your time to take a look at what I've put together. Cheers.


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Thanks for the video. 


Marui is a little bit more accurate, but nothing rubber and an inner can't do. The gas efficiency is a killer, 55 vs 105 rounds is almost double. I can already tell the Marui won't handle the cold well... I just converted my GHK to Devil Hunter (CO2).


Guess I won't pick one up :)




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thanks for the vid.


So TM has better snap, worse efficiency, questionable accuracy bonus vs the GHK according to the video. That and bolt lock failure on the GHK....


I really like how "tossable" the marui m4 rifle seems. Also, with the lighter mags, I wouldn't be weighed down at the end of the day after a few good long games. I used to run 6 ghk mags on me....talk about work. It really gets to you when playing after a good while. 

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