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Classing Army DT-4 (Or Double M4)


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Running on the theory that it's a V2 gearbox derivative, that's one pistol grip so only one motor.


Do we think it's gonna split the load halfway down the gear train and have 2 independent pistons or will it use a linked piston like the tri shot shotgun? Or maybe a single oversized piston which has 2 nozzles in the piston?


For my thinking, I reckon a double spur gear with an extra sector gear and 2 independent pistons would have been how they did it.

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One motor can EASILY pull two 390fps/M120 gearboxes.

M150 would be tons more stressful for the motor in comparison with same ratio.


You would need ONE unique gear to run two boxes and rest would be standard stuff.


Correct me if I'm wrong but the RS version had two triggers? Think I saw it in some vid, could be wrong...


How good are the CA electrics? Replaceable easily?


Unless they went crazy with the gears and electrics this might be my next purchase.

Having two DSGs in my mystery box is purely coincidental.

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