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Right then. In the old forums I started a thread, which went on to be quite successful (albeit rather spam-riddled) about 'the best n00b AEG'.


It's a frequently-asked question, and one that annoys older players when newbies ask it. It then annoys new players when older players dismiss them, and a flame war begins...


To be honest, in my opinion, they're all the same. 'Nuff said.


HOWEVER, here we go again, just for the sake of argument...




1 - Please keep it spam free...please...


2 - Please don't flame other people's choices. If he thinks the MP5K is the best newbie AEG, then so be it, unless you can explain clearly WHY it is a poor choice.


3 - Please EXPLAIN your choice(s). Don't just say what the best gun is - help explain why - back it up!


4 - Feel free to have more than one choice (although don't just say "Ah any of the Tokyo Marui AEGs are good!").


5 - Feel free to mention AEGs that you feel are especially POORLY-suited as newbie guns...


6 - Please try to use decent grammar and spelling. It doesn't have to be perfect, but please try to keep it neat, tidy and readable.



R22Master (one of the moderators) is going to try to help keep this thread clean and full of valuable information.


Also, please try to remember the audience. We want the best AEG for a Newbie's First Purchase.



So then...



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G36C, pretty solid construction, reasonably rapid rate of fire (It somehow feels faster than others I have used) I can't say anything about adding accesories because mine has a G36 conversion kit -I forget by who- on it and has no RIS rails on it anywhere, at all.

However the 5000 round box mag, while it looks a little silly on a G36C gives you 2000 rounds at a time to play with (obviously it needs winding up as any normal hi-cap and 3000 of the rounds are stored underneath the main compartment).

Even without the box mag the hi-caps have an amazingly intelligent device on them which I like to call "a plastic clicky thing" this handy-dandy little gizmo allows two hi-caps to be clipped together. As near as you are likely to get to die hard 2 without an MP5, or tape for the mags, or talking about guns that don't exist (Glock 7, the magic porcelain gun anyone?).


I can't say for certain but I think a decent powered battery can be crammed in a G36C, I wouldn't know because the kit on mine allows ample space for a 9.6V 1500MaH battery.

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If you can, goto the nearest airsoft shop and hold everything in the store first, and then make a descision. Ask for opinions on certain guns, and get what you like most importantly, don't worry about upgrades right from the start, get a feel for the gun first, then you can tear the insides up. ;)


Also, make sure you gun matches your gear ie if you buy a P90 make sure you get a vest that will accept P90 mags.

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As a noob , you want a good AEG and you want good performance but all TM(tokyo marui) are basically the same inside the only thing that differs is the battery sizes the airsoft model can take larger battery equals longer game time and higher rate of fire than smaller ones.


Now for my recommendation and it is............The Ak 47 , why because its solid high metal content , for a TM it can handle big batteries and mags, like a 600 normal mag or 1000 drum. You can get some accessaries like scope rail and real wood kits but you probable get those later. In the end its down to you wich one you like the look of and will it be practical. I.e dont have a M60 for cqb. But as phoenix said go down and hold a few see which ones you like.


Happy airsofting

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I have to agree, the FA-MAS gets a lot of stick for being creaky and impossible to upgrade (exegeration but...) but they keep going for ever, the bullpup with the battery forward makes them very well balanced and easy to handle and the SV's handguard cuts down on the painful knuckle hits.

Granted it does feel plasticy, the selector switch is awkward and it hasn't been used in enough movies and games (with the exception of the MGS games) to be well recognised by newbies but with a huge barrel/overall length ratio and that 1000rpm ROF you can't really go far wrong.

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I'm gonna say the Ak47. It is a durable gun with a decent rate of fire. It is reliable and has a hug hi cap magazine which is perfect for the newbies that spray and pray. Also the Ak can be upgraded as the player becomes more advanced. Before you know that AK you just bought not long ago could become your first high end gun. On top of all that the stock houses a large battery. What more could you ask for? I made the msitake of getting the M4 but no one else should make that mistake.

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I must say that the FAMAS is, in my eyes, a poor choice.


I've found (I rented one once, as has a friend...twice...) that the mag release lever is way to easy to catch accidentally, dropping the mag mid-game (which is obviously something no-one needs...besides the people on the other team ;) ).


Also, it IS creaky and quite plasticcy, and the high ROF may be a disadvantage due to the relatively average hi-cap mag capacity (in my opinion anyway).


I reckon there are far better guns available for the cash, and perhaps TM should think about updating their FAMAS range to bring it up to the quality of later releases like the G36C.

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The perfect newbie AEG is what AEG that particular person feels comfortable with (well except the PSG-1 it just doesn't look like a skirmish gun). Of course some guns are just designed to be comfortable my suggestions are.


Right OR Left handed: MP5 (A4, A5, RAS, JP)

Ambidextrous: P90

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MP5-SD5. we all know MP5's are suitable for cqb, but also aren't too shabby at range. and with this variant, you will look a bit different to everyone else who has an MP5-A4. a solid stock for big battery, ENDLESS add-ons (i even found a ris system for the SD models) good looking. also ready fitted with silencer, can be easily changed to tracer.


ok so high caps aren't that big compared to others, but at least they are small enough to carry loads. can't think of much else wrong.oh the dummy cocking pin is feeble - dont pull it !!


imo a decent first aeg, that when i upgrade, i think will be good enough to be my only aeg.

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Well, I've just ordered my first gun. I went for the P90 TR. It has a good all rounder feel to it. I reaserched for about a fortnight, reading up reviews, seeing what was avalible for it etc.


I chose it becuse the two nearest Airsoft sites (Alpha 55 and SWAT) are completly different. Alpha is woodland while SWAT is CQB and the P90 is happy in either of these roles.


Also, the fact that i've watched alot of stargate infuenced my desision

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My AEG is a p90 and I also I ordered a Red Dot scope. Overall the P90 is a good choice apart from it takes a small battery, sometimes the Hicaps don't feed and they can be hard to fill (eh TaQ?)


All of these problems are fairly insignificant though with proper care when filling the mag and knowing how to change the battery at lunch.


Also I would recommend:


AK 47 - huge highcap, large battery, quite hard to break

MP5 - very easy to accessorise, useful for CQB and woodland, and quite cheap

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My weapon of choice would be the Aug. metal front end and sling swivels, mounting rails etc- can be used in a variety of situations and configurations. can even be disassembled very quickly into two parts. VERY reliable, accurate due to extremely long barrel, and quite simply- fun to use.

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Right, I'll see if I can address some of the replicas mentioned already and start the "Top 5" list...


Marui G36c - Reviewed on this site (link)


This is an excellent gun that I have a lot of personal experience with. I have owned 2 and have modified and upgraded both of them. One of them turned in to the G36i (my own custom job). It is a very reliable AEG, largely due to its version 3 gearbox, and is surprisingly accurate without upgrades.


Other good points

  • Its construction is very solid and doesn't feel like a toy,
  • The High Capacity magazines hold 470 BBs each,
  • Magazines clamp together without the need fr "Mag-Clamps",
  • An EG1000 motor is installed as standard - the best and most powerful motor Marui currently makes,
  • It is great for Woodland & Urban skirmishing, as well as target shooting,
  • There are a lot of upgrades and add-ons available, and more are on their way,
  • It is relatively easy to strip down in order to upgrade,
  • Conversion kits can be purchased to turn it in to a G36 or G36k,
  • Larger foregrips can be purchased to cater for a large type battery,
  • It has a built in 14mm muzzle for a silencer or tracer unit,
  • The gun has a great weight and a very solid feel - no creakiness,
  • This replica holds its resale value well.

Some bad points

  • The gun uses a small battery only, unless a larger foregrip is purchased,
  • The selector switch has been known to come lose and fall off on some models. (this can be fixed by tightening the grub-screw holding it on, and adding some threadlock),
  • The weight is slightly more than most AEGs and may be a little too heavy for a few users.

Overall, a great gun for a newbie. Good without upgrades, very tough, accurate, and has a reliable mechanism. If there are no objections, this one makes the "Top 5 List". :)




Marui AK47 - Reviewed on this site (link)


Another great AEG. The first one of these I used was quite creaky, but that seems to be the only one! Every time I have used an AK47 since, they have been very solid. Metal body parts, large battery capacity and excellent BB storage (600 BBs per Hi-Cap magazine) are just a few of the features that mae this gun worthy of your first purchase.


Other good points

  • Very long barrel can help the inherent accuracy of the gun
  • Solid construction which should make anyone happy that they bought this one first,
  • Great for Woodland skirmishing and target shooting,
  • Reliable version 3 gearbox,
  • Accurate,
  • Internally very uprgadable,
  • Scope mount and real wooden furniture available.

Bad points

  • It's long, which makes it less suitable than some others for Urban skirmishing,
  • It's pretty heavy which can make it unsuitable for smaller or weaker shooters - a sling helps though,
  • There are fewer accessories available than models such as the G36c and the MP5.

Overall, another good gun for most people. You either like the look of it or you don't. Personally I don't, but I would still recommend this AEG as a good first purchase. Another one for the list unless anyone objects.





I'll go through and analyse some more a little later. Keep those suggestions coming.

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I most definitely would recommend the AK as a first gun, namely because it is extremely durable (I've dropped mine more than once), accurate, and for the extreme hi-caps (600 rounds of wholesome AK goodness :D )


Contrary to popular belief, the AK isn't insanely long (M16a1/a2 come to mind), it's just slightly longer than an M4 with the stock fully extended

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My choice would be the MP5 A4/A5 purely because it is so versatile and has many many add ons so you can customize it as you go.

I have also noticed that nobody has chosen the M16 A1/A2 why? it has a good rate of fire, many add ons, granted it is a large AEG and it is a bit creaky but it is still a good AEG. B)

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i think that undoubtably the best guns for a noob are the famas and mp5 solid stock.


firstly, there both practically invincible, especially the famas. i've done things to my famas that would would make an armalite break.


secondly, there cheap, www.combatsouth.co.uk who i highly recommend do both for £165 with a £40 gun bag.


thirdly, they take a large battery, noobs don't always want to have to buy three mini batteries that costs more than one big one and lasts less time, again go to www.combatsouth.co.uk, very nice 3000mah batteries and not too pricy right now.


fourthly, there both quite small and good for both urban and woodland.


Fifthly, there both competely ambidextrous.


sixthly, you wont look like another armalite clone.


rumor quashing

although the famas selector switch is often criticized might i point out that you don't need it to put it to safe, there is a second safety infront of the trigger.


the famas really isn't very back heavy when you have the battery in.

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I'd stay away from the MP5. It's compact but hi-caps are small, and n00bs tend to be trigger happy meaning that the cost of hi-caps would off-set the cheaper gun...


Also it's only a matter of time before the cocking handle goes...and that's not a good thing for a newer player, is it?!


At the SWAT Big Game this year, a guy I know had his MP5 cocking handle snap off, then the selector switch snapped off, then the whole front section fractured and broke away.


Not good...

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G36C all the way!


As R22 said, its solidly built (no creak), good rate of fire (ROF), lots of add-ons for future spending sprees, large hi-caps (470 bb's), magazines "clamp" together, good for left and right handed users, good for CQB and woodland.


The only bad things i can think of is that unless you buy a large foregrip, you will have to use small batteries, and that the gun is heavier than most.

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