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Pictures of your Gear

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Its based on a Guarder Duty Belt with BHI Belt pad. HSGI suspenders, CSM Tri Desert Fanny pack with New Zipper Pulls. SDS Tactical Thigh Leg Panel with 5x SDS Pistol Single Mag Pouch and 2x SDS M4 Double Magazine Pouch. BHI Multitool Pouch with Victorinox Multitool SDS sustainment Pouch acting as a dump pouch. Gemtech Lanyard in Coyote, Safariland 6004 for 1911 - none flashlight - right legged in tri desert. Mustang Tri desert Compact flashlight pouch with Surefire 6P equipt and a CRKT M16-14ZSF





- Maveric

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That there Kimber is a Kimber Warrior, with a black frame and coyote Simmonich grips. There is also a Kimber Desert Warrior, with a coyote frame and coyote Simmonich grips.






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woohoo first post in the gear thread


just my Vietnam issue (real) webbing for my SF impression.


i say 'Nam issue', the belt is actually M56 BAR belt, and the buttpack is M61, but it all works well and in theme. it feels so quality its unreal, and i can carry 18 VN mags, + whatever in my buttpack !! got an issue first aid/compass pouch comign aswell, then its finished.






more pics in latest acquisition thread.

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got my pmc done




penn state shirt

HSGI multicam hat



tm m733

kwc 1911




1st line:

alice belt

2x USGI mag pouches

USGI canteen w/ pouch

USGI parcalate pouch

maxpedition medium rolly polly


2nd line:


6x TT 5.56 singles

not pictured(sds frag pouch, plasticuffs, x harness, endom bomb medical blow out bag)



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Speaking of LBE, here's a gear I had the pleasure of being a part of in the design process. I also took the pic, and it's now used at www.fullbattlegear.com



Above: features narrower and softer shoulder pads with PALS webbing. 24 slots across. I wear US size 30-31 pants, and this gear fits perfectly, unlike other brands which 35 is the minimum size. Yikes.



Above: each square area has an almost thick inch flotation device that can be accessed through the bottom velcro flaps. The belt alone has four layers of 1000D Cordura fabric.



Above: just a shot of the gear being worn without any pouches.



Above: various gears (LBT, BHI) using smiliar load bearing equipment style.

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That looks a superb low-drag rig, right there - might have to pick one up at some point :D


My CIRAS is set up pretty much as I'll keep it now, with things tidied up a bit, so it's time for it to go in the Big Thread O' Gear :)










Only thing I need is my Blue Force Gear releasable CIRAS sling and I'll be set :)

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