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Armalite Pictures

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Tef, what flashlight is that? Is it the real surefire one?


yep! Surefire M900A with white LEDs


Great CQB Tef, might I suggest a TDI Arms cheekpad if you can get your hands on a regular TM 6 position sliding stock. It helps, plus looks great to counterbalance your chunky M900 :D


i actually got quite a lot of differnt stocks at home including that TDI new carbine stock, crane stock, 6-pos-tac stock etc but this is built after this pic (below), so it it has to look like this.




i spent a good year saving up for bits for it, now i made there are only three differences:


1, he is using LaRue Tactical m68cco mount, im using KAC straigh up mount (i know im crazy but spending 129USD on a mount is still no deal for me)

2, he is using LMT rear sight, im using DPMS rear sight ( cost about the same and theres no replica !)

3, of course mines higher calibre than his (6mm vs 5.56mm) :P


Tef, looking good, but an ICS box? hrmmmmmmm...


it's an unfinished G&P box :unsure: (cant find any glue to build it....)


tef that isnt the one that started its life as a CA CQB is it?


yep ! thats him !


tef ... i would recommend you to get a better peq box

seriously it is ruining a good looking gun!


by the way, nice rear sight, not easy to found eh? ;)


i cant find glue in the damn house !!! it's not done yet !! lol

yea, i got it becuase there are too many replicas going around.

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What silencer is that? I want to get one and i was looking at the ICS one that looks like that.


BTW i love the CQB one...gorgeous.


Who makes that one? Did that start off as the TM SR-16 with full stock?

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no both the CQB on and SR16 are scratch builds.

the CQB one has M4 lower, M16A2 upper, M733 front and stock and a G&P M500.

Not pictured is a normal lengt M4 i have in the work with a TM RIS, A2 outerbarrel and hopefully bushmaster body one day.


I assume the silencer you re talking about is the one on the SR16, actually it is the G&G OTS Quick detach silencer.

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