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Silenced Guns Picture Thread

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My new F2000 - Bought it second/third/forth-hand as a fixer-upper. I fixer-uppered it, MOSFET, new piston, piston head, cylinder, nozzle, tappet plate, spring, spring guide, paintjob, hop-up unit, hop-up rubber, nub, paintjob and Eotech. Tis quite lovely. :D







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I've already added this to the Mac picture thread but figured it could go here too.

Started out as a KWA M11a1 NS2 and fit the internals into an HFC T77. Machined the T77 outer barrel down and added a King Arms M11a1 suppressor. Also added an ACE flip to side AR-15 buffer tube adapter. Still putting the finishing touches on it as I have a Lage Manufacturing molded grip on order which I'm hoping will fit with minor mods but we'll see. After that I want to machine some sort of picatinny rail solution that will live between the front and rear iron sights so that I can mount a C-More railway sight.





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