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The Complete Tanaka Thread

The Chef

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Hey everyone, I'm looking for some info. 


I need to find a replacement Tanaka M700 'rebound spring' (Part number 37 on the exploded diagram of the KJW M700)


It fits on the end of part 38, the cocking piece and into part 36, the bolt sleeve.


This was lost by the previous owner of this particular rifle and I've tried many different types of spring to replace it but they are either to narrow and fall straight through the bolt sleeve, or too tough to compress and they stop the cocking piece sliding forward far enough to fire the gun. Even tried sending a couple of mails to KJW to buy a spare but got no response after a month of waiting. I currently cant use the gun at all with this little spring. 


If anyone know where to get a replacement, or has one, I'd greatly appreciate the info.  Hell even if you have a way o making the gun work without his spring or a way of making a replacement somehow, please share :)


Thanks, FL.

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Got me a question, 


Thought it most appropriate to post here. 

My tanaka L96 has been getting light strikes lately. 

It was working fine last I used it, 


I checked the trigger, it seems to be 100% functional, 

but the mag valve knocker (I believe that is the term) seems to be worn down.










That appear to be the correct diagnosis? 

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Back again  ..its been a while


Right im looking for any imput into the Zeta labs conversion for the Kar98 , reason being i bought a kar around 3 years ago and tbh i thought i sold it before my house move ,  well clearing the loft last week guess what i found fully boxed and un marked  hiding at the back of the loft :) 


Not wanting to get rid of it as its too dam nice i fancy this conversion   ,whos been there and what do i need to know :)


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anybody know a source for tanaka (or equvilant) spare parts? I emailed kjw-usa but no response. Working off the kjw take down instructions the parts I'm missing are:


#67 Front Guard Screw #63 Rear Guard Screw # 26 Rear Guard Screw Brush


Its for a tanaka m700 aics btw.



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