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  1. CKinnerley

    Google photos

    Copy image address, pt 2 -
  2. CKinnerley

    Google photos

    Copy image - Copy image address - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/8tSsMrFyiSEQKU-BWbESQYaza8IVU4Vx460MF9lsNb9xnhSRQa0qjR3BZqra6RyPW53zw2Sl5Uem4iU63Txq8ppNTAxKTDAV85d6qY2vEK78uz-xXLrXkCWMON5aofAJVRJBpSGKSj8WERtUN4NoCWaEfb4KUz-InBqyD0EdDSa1kRRYE2hZl95lODRe8WYG16Zj9lotJaeA0BIQFjZ_FYFxlrBTy_BVrHgMQb884EHaVjTS5oDiRkSbmJpqImGV-GMvHR6Qx68GXcdT3mHcZUzRySDbJKZAIBIlI9tBGhtOKxgpYW-fAQfo4LyEC4wm1hjP96BXCnEhAyZDk0X1rpoyrGitLj1BS5fLB5K7B_gV-J7NUEOKEilKSdaf_kixSBqVOhj6JndjpcKBya-uz3bZpNkr2MMOYScoT7V4tf9RoOnwLfDYCRV9W8gd4W_Gh8PHXnPkN5dKu6DtKLrrxe1FE66z-KKs0Rn72iTLXw60gfRGukkd_QCx7aUYagdMfKdhq1vXJylE-91K93RancQiJ173hMmLxdFkOqtDuDcdqLaWMOEsq776uQimvldKzyOSANB84xVc68fLUfq3MSvH0HL_auIhDHf9Tt7sx5P9zjz1qKIgfNoXdCY8j0H4pmE2wDaxz8v0uPiBFLtj90KB=w1899-h1264-no
  3. CKinnerley

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    If this one doesn't work I'm gonna have to ask Arnie to try and fix it.
  4. CKinnerley

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    @MRF Good of you to say. I know we had a thread on that topic in general discussion some time ago. If you dig around enough you can make a regular AEG something quite realistic though I think this thread shows it's seemingly easier with a GHK and the stuff available for PTW is pretty crazy (granted I'm mostly in to gear so I don't know the best places to dig around for such things). It's a fairly old Avalon gun yeah, possibly one of the first that had that brand name and they went over to fictional trades almost immediately after making it. I think legally/functionally I got on everything real that I could (so basically just handguard, stock, optic and pic/m-lok accessories) and the end result handles nicely all things considered.
  5. CKinnerley

    ALG Defense EMR V1 10" DDC

    Drop - £55
  6. CKinnerley

    Tokyo Marui and Licensing

    excusé moi monsiuer but ze judge he waz far too bizee enjoying all ze drugs and gurls zat we 'ired for eem
  7. CKinnerley

    Anyone using/used the Warrior Raptor PC?

    Long as you're about 6'6 with a 55"+ chest then yeah go for it. Thing's a *fruitcage*in beast. Good kinda armour system if you're expecting IEDs, but no real reason to be carting around that much useless cordura in bb wars unless you really are big and a more modern style PC looks tiny on ya.
  8. CKinnerley

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    *fruitcage* sake Honestly, after flickr said they're limiting storage space I spent more time than I want to think about moving over about 1500 files and putting them alllll back in to various albums and reorganising; and this was only about a fortnight ago. I think I might have a small breakdown if I have to do the entire thing *fruitcage* again. Put these on imgur. Working? eta - Google Pics seems to work 100% over on AF-UK and the crop tool on imgur is garbage, so I'm banging my head on the table over here as to why something this simple is so hard when bloody photobucket used to work fine back in the way (before it went down the drain).
  9. CKinnerley

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Got 2 of these Avalon BCMs years back, this one had a Centurion C4 on it a while back but that was replaced by this MK14 as soon as physically possible (which still took years ha).
  10. CKinnerley

    Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Yeah weirdly I see it in chrome but not IE.. is this *insert current year* or what?? Edit button is gone now and I don't wanna double post. I just switched over from flickr to google photos a couple of weeks back on account of flickr rolling way back on their storage limits and google isn't very well setup at all for forums it seems. Though the same image posted the same way worked over on AF-UK. https://photos.app.goo.gl/cSWZmmC1tzQveabF7
  11. CKinnerley

    Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Like to thank my good buddy over the pond for helping me right out once more.
  12. CKinnerley

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    Personally, I definitely don't care enough or have the patience to bother, not for a comedy loadout gun I'll maybe use twice in my life, haha. I don't have pink mags for my G&G Femme Fatale AR either. If I'm ever really stuck for a project though I shall keep it in mind.
  13. CKinnerley

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    Alas they never did match either the drums or sticks to the gold/silver guns, I think it'd be a real struggle to get the plastic mag looking like the receivers, not sure how you'd get a truly mirrored surface on there which you can clearly see your own face in. For now the plain black looks better than just cheap silver spray paint.
  14. CKinnerley

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    Yep, I'm the guy that bought 'one of those' King Arms Thompsons. Sadly it's the least gaudy being the M1A1 in silver vs 1928 in gold, but I wanted the best match for the TM S70.
  15. CKinnerley

    CQB/Urban/FIBUA in the south

    Have to say, vaguely related to the topic, I've realised that the losses of both The Mall and The Barracks during 2018 has severely blunted my enthusiasm to go out any do any 'softing at all. That and the rise of the seemingly increasingly delusional-acting cult of 'hardcore' milsim. I've far from an encyclopedic knowledge of sites, but right now I think Longmoor is about the only place I'd really have any interest in going. I don't mind x-site (which is of course just the outpost now) and when they use a good portion of the site instead of corralling people too much it's decent enough. Don't think I'd bother with it more than once a year though if I was also playing at other, larger sites. Another large aspect is I recently realised it's a lot easier than I'd have imagined to turn up to UK NRA matches as a 'rental' as it were and spend a day shooting real stuff. The community around that is generally speaking older, more mature and less prone to flights of fantasy and/or childish tantrums caused by absolutely nothing, from what I can see so far anyway. No group of humans is perfect of course.

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