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  1. CKinnerley

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    So you can just use a 209, but also use that 209 to set off a bigger charge? More realistic than anything else I've seen admittedly. I'd defo stick to my x3 TRMR because it's more practical for skirmishes but this is obviously going for the real world training user. Or people who think airsoft is pretty much the real thing.
  2. CKinnerley

    TM Glocks AWOL from WGC Shop

    I can get it, but with everything on here and other forums etc already that would be latching the gate after the proverbial horse.
  3. CKinnerley

    TM Glocks AWOL from WGC Shop

    Sorry why are we not saying Glock, Colt (?) or Umarex in full on this forum?
  4. CKinnerley

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    Wow.. inception of terrible business people.
  5. CKinnerley

    TM Glocks AWOL from WGC Shop

    Very annoying as WGC is basically the only airsoft shop I use and I hate ordering from multiple different places. Anyone seem non-licensed/unofficial Glocks disappear from other retailers?
  6. CKinnerley

    PTS licenced MAWL

    I've been involved in a little of the internal discussion, features like vis laser colour are nowhere near pinned down yet, very early days. I don't think they started any of the design process before acquiring the license so it'll be a long time before we see these I'd imagine. Prototype at SHOT maaaybe?
  7. CKinnerley

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    Alpha-Tec was owned/run by that Keith (?) guy who's been famous over the years for many failed businesses that have taken peoples' money and run. I wanna say previous efforts were something to do with PTWs and an engraving business.
  8. CKinnerley

    LCT Conversion Kits, Where Did They Go?

    Weren't kits like that a remnant of the days of TM's original plastic AEGs being the only/primary option in the marketplace? Or at least from the times when the only metal guns were nasty pot metal CAs and ICSs (talking mainly AKs of course).
  9. CKinnerley

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    So you're fitting the battery in that Sopmod Bravo somehow?
  10. CKinnerley

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    The company with the X-Site name stopped running games there a year or 2 ago. I played a game maybe 6 months prior to it closing just out of happenstance and it was really run down, a lot of the structures were unsafe and taped off. Whether that was through lack of any profit to be able to repair them or just not bothering/poorly managed I've no idea. Had to dig around a bit to find the info and it was confusing for a sec, but this different bunch is running that High Wycombe site at the time or writing it seems. Whether they're taking any better care of the place I don't know. https://www.facebook.com/skirmishwycombeairsoft/ The X-Site page changed their name to Sentinel and run the Outpost. https://www.facebook.com/SentinelAirsoftUK/
  11. CKinnerley

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I'm not taking a poke at anyone, but it's pretty simple, if you don't come on.. that's one less person. Not saying anyone 'has' to use the site either you gotta do what you gotta do.
  12. CKinnerley

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    -Everyone so surprised it's so quiet -'I haven't been on here in yeeeeaaaaars' 😂
  13. CKinnerley

    Getting Back into Airsoft.

    In 3 years? I feel like at any given time in airsoft's existence 3 years isn't that much, stuff evolves very slightly but when you bear in mind a plastic legacy TM AEG is still more than perfectly usable to play the game it puts things in to perspective.
  14. CKinnerley

    £7.62 Gear Clearout

    I've PM'd you mate, this is a dead thread at this point.
  15. CKinnerley

    Posting IMGs from Google Photos

    I get what you're saying, but as I say the long links work 100% fine on the other 2 forums which to me would tend to suggest the issue is more with this board. Example: https://airsoft-forums.uk/topic/7377-the-what-have-you-just-bought-thread/?do=findComment&comment=355912 I'm pretty confident I already tried using the Share/Get Link option in other threads here and various other users said they still weren't seeing anything, but here's a test just in case: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kSo3vE1WdGaod54J9 And using the type of site shown in the video: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/0-rLzyQgOBinnL_seQQSzor0-OxpWqCdXsipcvXEkOKNhhYcK3hn7nMTk68c9_2yD7KL3K61yqNHVSXe4Uyoxkl3FmBhkOUA=w2400 Pasting either style of link in to the 'Insert Image from URL' under the 'Insert Other Media' drop-down in the bottom right of the post writing box just results in the text field flashing red at me when I click insert in to post. If I do the standard thing and Copy Image Address on GP then use said drop-down it appears to work on my end: I would presume you'll not see an image here ^ however.

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