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  1. Happy Birthday KidScotland

    1. FireKnife


      Where did he go again? Hell was it? :P

    2. Victory


      Gone but not forgotten! ALL HAIL KIDSCOTLAND!

    3. Pureownage


      You must be forgetting that it's KidScotland's birthday everyday! ALL HAIL KIDSCOTLAND!

  2. Does anyone have any experience with the Madbull tracer units?

    1. richieffff


      If its the built in one, then yes I've used one for a night game one, it works well but its a constant drain on the battery and does reduce the battery time. I've seen one rigged to a battery in a PEQ box and the gun itself run off a different battery, which worked very well.

    2. Victory


      Alrighty, thanks for the info. And yeah, I was looking at the Blackside Flare unit. It'd be perfect for a sci-fi inspired build that I'm working on.

  3. <3's Palmers Pursuit Shop

    1. X Lupin

      X Lupin

      You're doing classic business now? Attaboy

  4. Profile Views: 1,566 DAYUM, gurl! That's the highest number of profile views I've ever seen! I wonder why, hehe.

  5. Excellent seller. Shipped FAST, great communication, A++! Would gladly do business with again.

  6. Survived another year, eh? Happy Birthday.

  7. Happy B-Day, yo'!

  8. New Arnies is best Arnies.

  9. Excellent buyer. Very understanding, and would do business with again.

  10. I second Rattler's comment.

  11. Lol, yeah, pwned.

  12. Wow, when was Ant banned? What did I miss?

  13. LOL, your signature is hilarious!

  14. Thanks for saving Arnie's. I don't know what I'd do without it! (I actually had to resort to the RSOV forums for those few days...and am I glad that's over with.)

  15. Happy B-Day! (And, I know for a FACT that you are not 33, you liar! :-P)

  16. Makes me wonder what office parties at Evike are like...

  17. Have you decided on what am bestest firearm?

  18. What you doin'?!

  19. Arnie_o?? Imposter!

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