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Army SF & SOF Pics

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How are the ESS ICE glasses? I was considering getting a pair myself.


Don't get 'em. The ESS ICE glasses are what they issue us new Army types over at Benning/Sand Hill for our eye pro. They fog up at the most inopportune times... like on the range on qualification day. Daggone them... they cost me my Expert rating because I couldn't see the daggone targets!

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You said that the use of the FSBE AAV did not match up with your "army database" so pics where provided, proving you and your "database" wrong.


umm...no. There is not a single FSBE AAV being used in any of those pics, at all.


as for goggles, Flakjaks have been mixed, I havent had any problem which surprised me.

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Army SF in Afghanistan.



The secret plate carrier.







USAF 306th Rescue Squadron. Just showing the exact color of the vest I am wearing in my impression below.




And my impression.



Without the PACA. Green Mag Pouch was also included with the vest purchase.



Just rear side with recycled gear from my SEALs loadout. Ugh, it just aint right to recycle. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics :D

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Basically in real combat your rifle gets bashed around alot. If for some reason the mount of the PEQ cracks you do NOT want to loose that, its expensive and the higher ups wont be happy that you lost a very expensive laser. So if you paracord it to the foregrip you wont loose it.


I heard they dont use the paracord anymore because it melts?

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