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Designers behind the BALCS thought it would be more high speed for a user to draw magazines sideways from his chest instead of in an upwards direction, though in the eyes of operators this made the vest very undesirable in its stock form.

There are pictures of it worn with pouches, worn without pouches but with another vest on top, worn backwards, and worn with homemade horizontal PALS (or even integeral pouches like from SOTech), so there's really no one optimal way to have it set up... Not that that's an issue with the SFLCS set!!

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i would have to agree while the EPC is nice the MARCIRAS is much better IMO because of the mass real-estate of PALS/MOLLE webbing.


Honestly though, for airsoft all of that real estate is quite excessive. Does anyone really need that much room? I never found myself desiring more pals webbing on my EPCWCB.

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