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Yay, more PC police to tell us what to think and get offended on behalf of groups of which they are not part.




If you were part of that group would you like it? If you were "gay" (as much as I hate using the word) and someone laughed at you or descriminated against you for it, would you like it? These are forum rules, and courtesy. For all you know there could be a number of people on this forum that have a disability and I find it distasteful that you can laugh it and not respect them especially as they are a fellow airsofter.


Thats the end of it. Case closed.

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If those people complain, that's fair enough. If you make a joke about the Japanese and Japanese people complain, that's fair enough.


When someone else feels the need to complain on their behalf, that's when it's just PC thuggery.


How do you know I'm not gay? How do you know I don't have a disability. Neither of those things would prevent me from laughin at a joke.


That's the point - PC thugs don't understand a joke, sensible people can tell the difference between a joke and an insult.


But hey, you weild your absolute forum power any way you like if it makes you feel better.

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Chrissyg: welcome to the wonderful world of Internet Moderating. No matter what you do, someone somewhere won't like it. ;)


Political Correctness can be frustrating, but at the end of the day this isn't your webspace but Arnie's. He's doing everyone here (including the Moderators) a huge favour by running this place at no personal profit, and hte last thing he needs is to have his job at risk because of folks putting up inappropriate content. I haven't seen the images in question - I'm assuming they were probably harmless, but Chrissyg has acted in a manner he felt appropriate to the forums (remember the onus on being friendly in the forum rules). It's best to deal with that and move on.


Complaining and whining is a little futile as all you'll do is antagonise the moderator in question, but if you really must do it, take it to PM. Thanks. :)

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Xenu was an evil alien lord, and his planet was overcrowded, so he froze a bunch of aliens and flew them in spaceships that looked like DC-10s and dropped them into the volcanoes of Hawaii. The aliens died, but he caught their souls in giant soul-catcher machines and put them into humans, whom he brainwashed with false religions.


Imagine peoples reaction to getting that story after millions in donations and years within the church. :rofl:

and I went to the bother of making this




and it's a DC9 in the picture ;)

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As many users don't seem able to read the repeated requests from myself and Sledge (who started this thread), I'll say the following in really short and simple words so you can follow.






Get it? Great. As an added motivation (as sadly a lot of you chaps don't seem to listen until threatened), I'll start dishing out warn points for anyone who spams after this post. Harsh, but you've been warned reptitively across two posts, and the moderating team in general are sick of having to edit out the ###### from this thread.


Thanks. ;)

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