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Just wondering, isn't it kind weird that if u wanted something beefy you considered the Seal Pup? Wouldn't the Seal 2000 be a better choice, or even the Tigershark?


Well, I had never seen a SEAL Pup in person prior to that, and heard evrybody raving about them, so I though they might be worth checking out, but then when I finally held one in person, I realized I needed something heavier. the SEAL Team Elite was looking pretty good aswell, as the TS.


Hmm, the Improved Hissatsu sounds pretty nifty... Albeit spendy.


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cutting surface is a little to short for me, also, the blade isn't really beefy enough for what I'm using it for.


If you don't mind me asking, what are you using it for? Having played about with it a bit now, I'm impressed with mine.


Thats the Seal Pup? Ok it is the Seal Pup


When didcha get it! I've always love SOGs and CRKTs.


Got it same day I posted pics. Always one of the first things I do when I get a new blade. Keep thinking I want another CRKT, but there's not really any others I'm overly fond of. Might have to pick up another sting. Hmm. There's other knives higher up the list though.



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Pics to follow but my work knife's an Extrema Ratio Tactical Wardog Tanto and for the money best knife I've owned. Holds it's edge better than my old and sadly stolen spyderco delicia and the lifetime guarantee is a nice touch. Others in the collection include a Khukri picked up in a small himalayan village on the nepalese border, an original CRKT stiff K.I.S.S. and some other bits and bobs including a Laguiole folder.

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Its a good little knife, quite sharp. My only real gripe is that its made in China, and so probably isnt of the same long term quality as other Spyderco's. (That might be the reason that, on mine at least, the SLIPIT locking system isn't particularly firm; it takes less force than I'd like to close the blade)

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Picked this up in Santa Barbara last weekend. Strider Starlingear Stealth DDC Limited Edition (25 made) with a Duane Dwyer custom ground Tanto blade. The blade, scale, lockbar and pocket clip are all laser etched. The knife comes with a Bronze Kamakazi Starlingear bead on the lanyard and scales are Carbon Fiber.








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Just got my Strider Hybrid HAK back from Dave at Lifter's Leather. I told him what I needed, he worked with me to refine the design, I sent him the knife, and he made the sheath for me.


Beautiful. I can't speak highly enough of his work. Making a sheath for a blade as small and fiddly as this can't be easy!


Black leather belt sheath for carry at about the 4 or 5 o'clock position. Retention is rubbish with all of the capsule exposed, apparently, so the way he worked it was to expose enough for you to hook your middle finger through, pull it out, then slip your index finger in as you draw. It works really well.







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