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Pictures Of Yourself In The Field Or At A Game

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Call the back up guys... Lord_Sex it's alive!!!


Finally my friend, we're a bit worry about your vanish from the foruns!



Good to see you back with fantastic photos once more!




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In a monastry. Desert Jigsaw pants, Caterpilar shoes, tactical Stella Artois tshirt. Eagle dutybelt with SERPA M92 and 1911 holsters. WA M1911 and BELL 707 guns. Mechanix gloves and ESS ICE. The pink/salmon bands are for teamrecognition, but we changed that later that day.


Later that evening when it got dark, I changed my loadout a bit:




But I realised that was way to warm so I got rid of the hoodie:




(and yes, that guy on the left has crye kneepads stitched to his jeans, lol)

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What's with you, a killer tattoo (ok that's cool), a stupid video where you trash your gear, awsome pics ruined (the stupid black cover on you faces, like we all ready don't know how you look).


It sucks man!

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Black Stena that is how airsoft is supose to be played. Rough.


They don't mess their gear up on purpose. Its called playing the field. My gear looks worse than that sometimes after a huge Operation. Its not about baby'ing your stuff. Get rough and dirty with it, handle it.


I happen to like the pics, the video is good footage but the music doesn't pump you up enough :D

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