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1911 Picture Thread

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Check redwolf, wgc, uncompany. They have many slides for hi-capa. The one that You posted is out of stock right now, but there are other two tone slides if You don't mind something else than kimber. Or buy black and sand sides. Also if You buy hi-capa slide for for 1911 You need to buy sight for this slide and make sure it has a cut for barel bushing.


does anyone know if the hicapa slides come with this cut in them? and if they dont what does that mean i need to do?

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Or you could just get the brass nozzle extender for like $5 ;)

thats what i meant

BTW: does anyone still have a link to that WE M1911 tactical disassembly guide? id like to switch triggers on mine...

im also going to buy the TM MEU when it is out, and up it with a metal kit. probably the guardsr springfield kit, and ill have a metal meusoc.

my WE tactical is still my marsoc, and doing great, though the edge of the frame, on the right side lower corner near the hammer chipped off! didnt affect performance, and i ran it through lion claws with it missing and it was fine. i thought about re-attatching it, but there is really no way to do that is there?


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Does anyone have exprience with Shooter's design frame for TM 1911? I know it's casted product but I'm interested to hear about its overall quality, fitment and metal it's made out of.


Thanks in advance.

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I don't really want to have to follow that beauty...but oh well.


My WE 1911 Tactical:



My favorite part of that gun is the grips. They're a lot more tan and less white in real life, but I love the black showing through.

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Very nice gun


love kimbers, LAPD and warrior/meusoc. Was wondering if you were me whould you buy a new WA Kimber Lapd/warrior/muesoc (havent decided which i want yet, love them all), or whould you buy a metal kit and install it on my current TM 1911... i have been wanting a kimber for a very long time and i finally have the cash for one :)

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Hi All, Thought it was about time I put some of my collection on here.


My ongoing project, standart TM 1911-a1 apart from hammer, ambi safety, Tanoi Koba outer barrel and tightened inner barrel. If anyone has a spare slide stop for a tm Id buy it off you. Not sure what frame to go for yet, maybe a PGC Delta or a Nova springfield.



My punisher TM1911-A1 has PDI Delta hammer, PGC Frame kit, Nash Compensator & Punisher grips. Bit of a fun project for me.



My Pride and joy..TM1911-A1 Nova Kimber with all the trimmings




My TM Detonics (completely standard)



My WA Wilson Supergrade (completely standard)



My WA Wilson Combat Supergrade with extended mags (completely standard)



Hope you all like them.


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