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M14 Picture Thread

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Finaly has arrived:   WE M14 GBB in FPG stock (folding stock and grip are from Beretta BM59, modified to fit M14 stock). If my info is correct such M14 version was used by SEALs in 90s.   Sent

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I apologize if this has been covered before; I attempted to do some digging on various forums but couldn't come up with more than a thread or two at best, which had a rather meager amount of info and only from 2 persons.


Does anyone have experience with the MAG 190rd M14 midcaps? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/magazines/aeg-std-magazines/mag/mag-190rd-real-finish-metal-magazine-for-m14-aeg-4pcs.html


I'm going to be picking up a Mod 1 in the near future, and I'm trying to figure out which brand midcap offers the best performance and reliability. Ideally, I'd like to grab some of these, but if the consensus is that they're finicky, I'll probably settle with either Deepfire 70rd standards or MAG 70rd shorties.

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Awesome. I greatly appreciate the reply Slayer750, as I'll infact be using these in a G&P Mk14, so all the better! Quick question: do they actually hold and feed ~190 rounds?


If anyone else has any experience with them, please lmk (via PM is fine. I didn't mean to clog this thread with non-pic related stuff, I just figured you guys would be in the know with this kind of thing).

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SSG69Pro; she's quite a beauty man, I'm loving that stock! The short suppressor doesn't even look bad in my opinion, but to each his own!


Quick question for any G&P based M14/variant's out there. I mistakenly bought a TerminusX Short Omega Torque motor thinking it was the right choice, since TM's use short ones. I have to return it now once it gets here, since I found out earlier tonight that G&P's infact use long-type motors. Here's my question though; I see that G&P offers 2 motors SPECIFICALLY made for the DMR kit; are the motors that G&P M14's use of a unique shaft length which neither the standard short or long types are compatible with? I did a little digging and all I unearthed through Google was that the "DMR" specific motors were NOT compatible in guns that normally accept long type motors, further aiding my suspicions that G&P V7's do infact require proprietary motor lengths =\


I'd try to figure it out and compare one for myself, but my Mk14 Mod1 is currently being shipped to me and arrives on Friday.


EDIT: Okay, so I've found that from this thread, the DMR/Mk14 variants from G&P do infact use a non standard motor height (between short and long): http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/lofiversion/index.php/t183624.html Has anyone on here actually modified an aftermarket short or long type motor to be usable in the G&P's? If so, can you please PM me how you did it? Thanks!

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The motor in the G&P m14's is infact just a long motor without the metal collar around the shaft. The metal collar is replaced with 2 ball bearings. I had a burnt out motor, took off the collar from another long motor, slid on the 2 G&P bearings and replaced the pinion. Works perfectly.

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