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Finaly has arrived:   WE M14 GBB in FPG stock (folding stock and grip are from Beretta BM59, modified to fit M14 stock). If my info is correct such M14 version was used by SEALs in 90s.   Sent

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you can, but the ones you can find are not quite as off set as the KA one





EDIT: looked around for a while and really couldn't find anything close to the 3 inch offset larue mount. you can however try the Marui M4 scope mount:




but looking around at pics of the larue scope mount on top of EBRs, im not exactly keen on it:



it looks cool, but i feel like i still enjoy the look of one attached to a standard M14 mount with low pro rings (only just appropriate for your objective lense)



looks more streamlined, well put together and not miles above the rifle.


but thats just my opinion.


and for S&Gs, heres a pic of a 1.5" offset larue mount (the ones you can find) on an EBR



looks likt it will about do the same thing as the 3" offset mount as long as your scope has a long eye peace

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Thanks Horsem4n, yeah it really needs to be an extended type mount, with the front ring at or near the back of the rail clamp.  Primary arms makes one for around $60, but the more I look at them the less I want one.  Too bad there isn't an AD Recon-X replica.  


My M14SCSB (diving board) is too loose in the dovetail, and tilts back when the set screw is tightened.  I was able to level it with shims, so I guess I'll stick with plain old scope rings for now.

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i like Larues dedicated mount as well




pricy though.


also, this is a little out of left field, but does anybody know if the current ARES M14 SOPMOD uses marui V2 style gears or marui V7 style gears? usually ARES designs their gearboxes with V2 style gears, but this is an older model.

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Work in progress, my old faithful TM M14 Socom finally got round to modding an old Kart EBR chassis to fit.


Had to make a stock catch from scratch as it was missing from the Kart kit.


Still need to get the chassis painted before making the swap over permanent.


Im also going to swap out the 3 front rails for ACM magpul polymer rails to save weight up front.




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Here is my G&G EBR, used to be the long version but luckily I found a cheap short barrel. Had to put a small silencer in front to cover the inner barrel, looks pretty neat to me. The scope is attached with an aimpoint mount which is easy to attach, stays in place and is correctly lined with the barrel, some of the M14 scope mounts are horrible. The colors seem light in the picture, but without the flash the coloring is pretty dark.







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Just a quick question for you M14 guru's..............

I have the ASG M14 full size with the wood effect stock.


I want to order this tonight..




Firstly, I need to make sure it will fit, so is it correct that the ASG is just a rebadged Cyma?

Secondly, what are these like to fit, does the action need to be removed from the stock for example?

I'm assuming they're fairly easy.


Lastly, do I just need standard scope mounts, or anything special, as I'll probably order the Nikko 3-9x40 mountmaster which comes with scope mounts.


Cheers in advance.

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The new owner wanted me to complete the stock refinishing I planned. So, a full day of sanding and the first of many coats of boiled linseed oil later...


To anyone with a G&G M14 with the walnut stock, I cannot even begin to describe just how bad the finish lurking under that dark stain is - the tooling marks alone are absolutely horrendous. This particular stock was sanded with 280 grit, 320 grit and 400 grit and that seems to have been sufficient for an extremely smooth finish.

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Very, very nice job there buddy - looks considerably better to say the very least..

I normally finish off with some Briwax. It's hard wearing and gives a really nice sheen.


I was actually hugely tempted to buy that when you had it for sale!!....

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Cheers - especially for the tip on the wax, I'll have to check that out. On behalf of the new owner it's also getting an M140 on Sunday, so it should be pretty lively by the time he gets it. Couple more to justify having to go out twice on Black Friday to buy power tools, sandpaper and BLO...

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