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M14 Picture Thread

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And being a'true' airsofter and having the tensile strength of a kitkat on a sunny day I shall now buckle under pier pressure and darken it ! Lol


Well, newer stocks are made from light wood too. So sure feel free if you like it more.



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Now that is very nice ! Really like that !

P.S the small RIS block what's it called and who makes them ? It's just what I'm looking for for my Socom to take a micro T1

That one comes fitted as standard on this model but I know they can be purchased seperatly as we've had them before for EBR models. I'll find out and let you know unless someone jumps in before me.

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RIS block sorted , tracked it down only one I can find is by G&P and is £20+every were well b**ls to that ! I've made my own out of a spare locking widget thingy, a small piece of RIS and a shed load of epoxy and mojo-putty !

Any hoo back on topic now the stock is darkened and I've oiled it as well it's looking b****dy lovely BUT the plastic barrel guard is screaming 'cheapo plastic !' So was wondering if any one knows an affordable sauce for either a real one thats either in the uk or will sell to the uk as couple of sites I've tried have been unable to sell across the pond ! Either that or I'm going to have to wet'n'dry the TM one and spray it gun metal grey .

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The thing is the black upper handguard was used just during very early production phase, the most commons are brown - coffe brown, respectivelly, so if you spray paint it with dark brown color, it should look well enough. You can also do a little bit of texture using some resin or epoxy or sand it slightly as GI RS are made from some heat resistant resin.


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What can I say ? I'm in love with 14's again !

SO after fitting the Woodstock to my TM obviously I've now got a spare stock . I've also recently acquired an AGM (which in a convoluted VERY long story has got me back in to M14s) so couple of hours over the wknd with the TM stock and some spray paint this how the AGM looks now ! Hope you like ;


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Wow, very nice. It resembles that ultra rare plastic/resin stock from 60s/70s or something like that. Great paintjob.


Here are my M14s. Missing is one more WE and my "veteran" from Airsoftclub Y2004:

Top to Bottom


WE M14 GBBR w/ RS stock & handguard

WE M14 GBBR w/ RS handguard


Kart MCS M14 AEG to be modded w/ WE GBBR






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Im looking for a certain picture, maybe somene remembers it and has it saved on their computer.


- Star M14 Sopmod

- User called Keysersoze or something similar

- the lower bas painted brown and the upper chassis was tan.

- I think he had an Eotech 552 sight on it


Lost my old files and I recently bought a Star Sopmod just to imitate that particular gun.

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