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M14 Picture Thread

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Finaly has arrived:   WE M14 GBB in FPG stock (folding stock and grip are from Beretta BM59, modified to fit M14 stock). If my info is correct such M14 version was used by SEALs in 90s.   Sent

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There is a hole in front of it for a bipod mount thingy, but I had in mind to mount the bipod not that far. I'll have to find a way.


That's actually a drain hole. You can put a bipod stud there (King Arms sell just such a thing) but the stock is so thin there and it's so far down the gun there's not a lot of material to resist the lever action of the rest of the gun.


Oh yes, yes yes yes. That's exactly what I need.


How to you order it though?


Amazon and Brownells have 'em.

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That JAE stock is beautiful.


So... I managed to disassemble my M14 WE (f*ck WE and their overly tightened pins), remove the front sling mount (why would you even rivet that?!) and purchased the SADLAK mount base (thank you again PureSilver!).


Stock and heat-shield have been sanded, not I just have to get my hands on some paint and... you'll be able to enjoy the result. Hopefully.

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