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P90 Picture Thread

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with a different reflex sight and a pistol laser (just because there was space to fit it on!)



what i wanted it to look like before i realised how ugly it would look!



i might spray the body of the gun some kind of OD colour

also thinking maybe i need to get the addon that allows you to use m16 mags as the hi-caps really are a piece of £&"! and they dont make cheapsoft midcaps yet


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I have a P90 RD is just plain black... but... i saw this today and couldn't be arsed to check thru all 68 pages. So I'm going to post this pic anyway.




P90TR in digicamo, with front quad rail mount, silencer and dual mag clamp.


If this was in plain black with no red dot and double mag it would be much better...

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Is there a full metal TR receiver anywhere?

The only ones I can find appear to be for the red dot version.


Yes but only with the ACM P90's that just came out. I had one and its not too bad, needs a little sanding and a tiny bit of paint (after the sanding) and will look wonderful.


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