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Aug Picture Thread

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Am planning on an M900 style torch/foregrip at some point...


How long a rail is needed for an M203? That might make another good project to get around to eventually...


Oddly enough, it seems that most of the RIS M203s only have a short rail-clamp towards the rear, and the front is unsupported.


For example:




Doesn't seem like a good way to go about it to me, but there we are.

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@ Treadhead:


Did you post a guide on how to make a AUG extended magazine? I remember somebody posting a how-to guide but I can't find it :(



Not quite, I posted pics of what I did - they're pretty much self explanatory... They're back up the thread somewhere...

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I like the colour. You should paint the barrel catch, too. And the bottom of the mag(s) to complete the look.


But the carbine is supposed to have a slightly longer barrel, like this:




Yours is more like the Para/Commando version:




(Click for larger versions)

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I've been seriosuly considering wether or not to stipple mine for a while now. I would much rather use some sort of grip tape, or some sort of textured paint.


And Ideas for either of those? At the garage I work at, we have some Anti-Stone chip paint, but its quite rubbery, I dont think it was designed to be rubbed, so I ruled that out.

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Is this to generate the "matte" feel on the stock? Or is it to increase the "grip"?


Cos with the old 20 year old Steyr AUG, their matte feel disappears over time and you are left with a smooth lower receiver anyways.

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Here is not the place to ask - try the the AUG FAQ thread instead. Link in my sig, attached to all of my posts.


The AK and AUG gearbox aren't the same, even though the AUG uses a V3 mechbox it has a unique trigger mechanism. As far as I know, you can't get the parts on their own.


However, plenty of retails have AUGs for sale, and they regularly crop up on the For Sale threads in this forum.

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To the people who made themselves the "shorty" AUG, is there a 14mm adapter under the outer barrel, or did you have to cut the outer barrel off? Also, when making a short AUG (the one with absolutely no outer barrel showing), what inner barrel length did you use?

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