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2011 Picture Thread

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Nova kits

My first ever 2011, Nova kit

Zombie member post...Nova Staccato XC RMR kit Never mind the mismatched branding grip....there was a dead gun that donated its parts to it....see build thread in the tech section lol

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Krame, the new Excecutive looks good. I'm baised to black and silver so I think it looks the best like that. The tap hole in your mag release button is driving me mad. You keep doing all this other stuff but nothing about that! Very nice rig set up too. You gonna shoot some AAPS matches now?


Zero96r - ummm - nice steering wheel ;) I rock a suede Momo Mod 7 in my od milspec EJ1 autox machine.

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This is my newest gun and one of the nicest (and most expensive) in my collection. I just bought it from ViciousV10's and plan to do a few things to it to make it more personalized to me. However, I can't wait to show it off so I'll post up a few 'before' pictures. For those wondering, this is a hand built Magna WA SVI. It is my second WA gun (the first was a Magna Cougar) and I am very impressed by it. Honestly, I would love to do a head to head comparison review between this gun and a fully built TM Hi-Capa 5.1 However, I don't own a fully tuned 5.1 so this will have to go on the back burner for a bit.


Without further ado, the pictures...













WA SV Infinity 5 Inch Limited


SD CNC'd Slide

SD steel part #8

SD trigger

SD loading nozzle

SD rocket valve

SD magwell

SD Mag Shell


Sheriff Steel Inner Chamber


CP Custom bearing hammer

CP Custom light weight leaf spring

CP Custom stainless steel sear

CP Custom anti-gas leak breech

CP Custom stainless steel guide rod

CP Custom extended and reinforced firing pin


KM 6.04 Inner Barrel (No Hop-Up)


Guarder stainless steel outer barrel

Guarder stainless steel chamber with Infinity .45 ACP trades


FA(?) red fiber sight


Real steel titanium hammer strut

Real steel trigger bar


KA 150% Hammer Spring

KA 150% Recoil Spring


Also, if anyone can ID the fiber optic front sight that would be great. I really don't think it is a Freedom Art.

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Where'd you get it from, and what are you going to be doing to it Parsley?


the gun is a gift at the moment, i have not paid a penny , yet.


i intend on installing,

150% recoil and hammer springs,

DBC 6.01 tightbore


then maybe a Limcat custom slide. ;)

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Guys I need a little help here, about a year ago I almost sold my Robar IPSC 2011, but didn't. A buyer came forward, I can't remember who, and wanted to be notified that if I ever did sell to contact him. So this is like a shotgun blast, but if that person is reading this thread please contact me. This baby is going up on the block this week:





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No he's not. He actually made me an offer last summer, told me he was going to meet me in person as he said he was on a business trip, then on the day of he never showed up, never replied back. He's a scab, basically, there was someone else. Damn PM box clean out, DAMN YOU!

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As I recall zenazareth was another alias of the notorious TunerGuy (his e-mail was zenazareth@gmail.com) . I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole.


Titleist - That is a truly amazing piece. Out of curiosity, do you have a complete parts list somewhere? It almost looks like the gunn started life as a speedcomp.

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