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IMI Weapon Thread

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just bought a silver TM DE.

anyone know where i can get silver sights? black sights on a silver slide look *suitcase*!


Everyone else's is chrome, mine is SILVER!





nevermind, think I'll get these instead



then spray them!

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All the TM Chrome DE's have black sights from what Ive seen. Why not just paint the current ones you have instead of dropping $75?


Ive been hoping Guarder would come out with a set to match their metal body/side kit.


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Someone had an actual cheap chinese plastic unadjustable red dot cross sight on his Tar 21. Ironic that a cheap plastic chinese *suitcase* RDCS is still better than an expensive stock sight that comes with a STAR/ARES product.


In the spirit of the thread, I've joined the club.



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Bought one :)


But one big problem. I was plinking around with it, and the gun stopped cycling. I opened it up to see part of the gun broken off, ratting around. If anybody has a parts diagram, I would really appreciate it.

Omg I see a USP in the background. We're long lost twins!





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I would tell you know I know but that would just reveal how much of a geek I am.


*edit as to not derail the thread*



I'm really going to have to get myself a TM DE. I'd forgotten how comfortable they are.

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