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IMI Weapon Thread

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Hm... i don't have ANY problem with fitting Guarder Muzzle and Guarder Metal Body Kit. I have change TM one, b'coz it's blow with metal body.


I have read, what someone can't use "safe" on the pistol. I don't have this problem too.


Everything is work fine.

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My safe works aswell.


When I installed the Guarder loading muzzle it wouldnt cycle, on a full magazine it would fire 1 round about 15 meters then vent all the gas and you couldnt even rack the slide was SO stiff.


I had a chat with Liam at Wolf and between us we realised it was the Guarder loading muzzles, he had the same problem with 5 other electroplating desert eagles, its only the elecroplated ones. Apparently they are slightly different to the other ones (silver & black). However 4,000 rounds later with a TM muzzle its working flawlessly. 40 - 50 Meter range, around 315fps on green (warmish day) .25g bbs, with a very nice recoil.

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Is it the camera angle, or is that F2000 missing not only the flash hider in the other pick, but like half of the outer barrel? :blink:


yeah i took off the barrel extension and mostly used it with a silencer attached. never bothered to stick it on for the pic as it was just a quick one. :)

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How possible to make (using parts / upgrades) would it be to make the following Galil DMR:




I am fairly certain I could upgrade a standard galil to that type look but any advice would be much appreciated.

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Is it the camera angle, or is that F2000 missing not only the flash hider in the other pick, but like half of the outer barrel? :blink:


I didn't quote get the context of this the first time, They are two different F2000s in the pics. :)

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This thread needs more UZI:






A marushin cap UZI replica made sometime in the early 70's. Full steel bolt, zinc body, and wood stock. I picked this little sweetheart up to do a GBB conversion.


And a Guarder kitted TM Desert Eagle project I picked up for $100:






Here, here, UZIs all the way! heres my TM with custom textured grips. It may be a bit under powered, and you have to be careful of the fragile gearbox, but there is nothing that gets more looks when your out in the field.

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I agree, someone needs to make a full metal body UZI. I know quite a few that want one, but worry about the TM's plastic body. The old metal kits are extremely rare and expensive.



Well tell them to stop worrying and buy one (if they can find one) they are great little guns. The only problem with them is that you can't upgrade them for longer range work. Keep it stock, keep it CQB or close woodland and they are fantastic.

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