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Allmost done with some Postapoc game gear.   Made mostly from real junk, fitted to a hockey torso protection. Police riot protection on the legs. Voicechanger under mask with loud speaker hidden i

Just finished up this leather pancake holster for my series 70. Stitch work is pretty rough (and not a proper saddle stitch) but I'm really happy with it considering its the first leather work I've do

Whoring around pics of this set.  Love 'em.  

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Thanks Kojak, if I was a little more careful with the rivet placement I would have been able to screw a malice clip to it, but it was my first attempt and i didnt really know what I was doing. Just going to strap it to my 6004 I think.


I used some old wood and clamps, no hinge or anything clever. but im looking into making kind of a book press style setup.

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Seeing as how I can't afford Crye and the other woodland combat shirts on the market didn't really have all the features I want (Mandarin collar especially) or were of dubious quality, I figured I'd save some money. Cheap BDU shirt and an old wicking t-shirt later and the woman at the local alterations place knocked this together for me. I would have done it myself but my machine died a while ago.



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Echo: 50, but I do live in extortion capital London, so somewhere where running a high street shop is slightly cheaper might be less money. (I know it's still well out of Crye territory so I'm not too bunched up about it). I supplied the velcro but not the zip or thread (she got a pretty good colour match on those). I imagine somewhere near a base might be cheaper too as it might be more routine?


It's well worth it I think Scuffer, I did a pair of trousers myself when my machine still worked, I think it's quite a good look.

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Not produced by myself I'm afraid, a guy who goes by the name Eklam or Ed on some of the other forums knocked these up for me, entirely from scratch.


Crye AC/Gen II Combat trousers in UK issue Multi-Terrain Pattern:








The kneepad pockets are reinforced by being constructed using 500D Multicam cordura, and the stretch panels aren't as stretchy as the Crye stuff but they're many many times more resilient. CP Gen 3 kneepads fit and velcro in perfectly. I've spent a lot of time looking in very closely at almost every single stitch and this guys' skills are just amazing, I'd probably say I prefer these overall to the Crye Precision originals I have in Ranger Green.

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Slightly over £150 in total with a set of TMC pads (which are not bad at all putting them next to the Crye originals) and shipping etc. No idea how many actual hours he put in to the whole design, but frankly over here you're looking at about £145 for the fields and just over £200 for Gen 2 or 3 combats (yeah, srsly) so I think I got an awesome deal overall.

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Nice build mate. How do the inserts stay inside the magainze pouches?


Thanks, unfortunately that's the problem at the moment, the bungees on the pouches prevent them from coming completely out, but they do slide up a bit when you pull on the mag. Trying to think of a not-totally-ugly way to make a small claw that grabs some PALS to keep it in place

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