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Armalite Picture Thread

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Hey guy's, do you think i could fit a d-boys ris to my ca m15a4 ( a few posts above) without buying a whole new front end. A retailer told me i would need to buy a whole new front end as there is 5mm difference on the front sight but I'm not entirely convinced. any help appreciated. cheers-Hugh

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Test fit of the parts for my next WA M4. Looks pretty good, happy with my choices:


Daniel Defense Low Profile Gas Block

Daniel Defense Omega Rail 9.0

LMT Rail Mounted Front Sight

Larue Tactical Rear BUIS

Magpul CTR


Awesome looking gun mate....simply awesome. You're tempting me so much to build a tan Magpul (receiver, stock) with one of the Daniel Defense AR15 Lite Rails (or RIS II? Seems only RIS II comes in tan?), and Pmag...


Well done mate!


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Really sick, love the m468. But you HAVE to paint those mags or something... the 5.56mm markings are just a bit contradictory... lol.


Hehe, I know. The gun used to be a HK416, hence the HK mags, so yeah, I'll be either replacing them or painting them.


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I'd love more info on these. I was also curious... do you have problems with them being too narrow in the AEG mag well?


Acutally, they are a very tight fit.

Ya man make a guide :)


I'm in the process of making a detailed step-by-step guide. I do have a rough tutorial using pictures of the finished product if you would like. If you do, PM me.

babybackribs u wouldnt mind posting a side pic of ur URX would u?

The rail or the whole gun?

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My humble little blaster:








Parts list:

-Systema M4A1 w/ Prime Colt Lower

-Milled real steel upper

-KAC M4 RAS w/ Vertical Grip

-Surefire M961 w/ SW02 Tailcap

-LMT Crane stock

-Trijicon TA01NSN


-Real Insight AN/PEQ-2A

-Eagle 3-Point Sling


Real bits I added are:

-USGI Mag catch and pivot pins

-LMT 6-pos stock

-LMT Charging Handle

-Real steal delta assembly

-re-threaded USGI flashhider


Only repro parts are the barrel, and lower. Enjoy.

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hkssr20det, what is holding the front of your DD 9" Omega rail? I thought the Omega rails are held by the front sight cap and rear barrel nut?


The Omega rails (at least in RS) are free float. No front sight cap necessary. They lock around the barrel nut and then there are 4 grub screws to even the rail to the receiver.

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