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Shotgun Picture Thread

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Yo Dawg I heard you like shotguns.. .... so you can reload while you reload

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OK! I've finally got one of the things I really wanted for a long time.



Yes! It's the Tanaka 870 Walnut special.




This is an upgrade on my old Tanaka based on a walnut forend from RS Remington 870 Police

and it came all the way from the US of A.


Sorry for the bad picture but I ain't no photographer and I'm not used to the new forum layout yet.


There will be more pics and Tanakas, since my other one is also getting a wooden upgrade soon.:)



That's all folks

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Ok! Here comes the Tanaka 870 Police model again.


Now updated a little bit.


This is an upgrade on my old Tanaka based on a walnut forend from RS Remington 870 Police

that came all the way from the US of A.


And now I've added a walnut stock too, also from a RS Remington.

Nothing beats the feeling of real wood.


Ok, Enough said, let the pictures talk. :)


Enjoy, and for God's sake don't drool on the pics. :D







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Nice one, Doc Glock!

Where did you find that wood set? Want one for my own Tanaka so it'll look decent in my cruiser. :rolleyes:


righto, will be pulling mine to bits this weekend to fit a new shell lifter, and will take some pics for you then :)


Still waiting for those erotic pictures... ;)

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he said that he took them off of a real steel Remington.

No *suitcase*, Sherlock?

That part was actually pretty obvious. But finding a webshop in the U.S. willing to ship parts to Europe is not the easiest thing, so I asked about the source in order to simplify my own quest.

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Ok! Here's another small update on the Tanaka 870 eyecandy.:)


Let me first tell you that the earlier pics that were posted was actually with a stock from a RS Remington 1100

and it was just to test the fitting on the gun since there's not much difference between the two stocks.


The 1100 stock + complete trigger assembly I found on Ebay, after a very long time, but the price was worth it.


But let's cut to the chase now, here it comes again, now with it's proper stock,

a brand new RS Remington Police walnut stock with recoil pad.


Ain't she a beauty.:D






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Man those Tanaka 870s are gorgeous. Simply drool worthy! :D

... if only the internals weren't so awful, or if there were at least some decent replacement internal bits available to fix the mountain of things that break in short order :(


But they sure do look good! Especially with the RS 870P walnut ^_^

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ACM M500 with RS railed grip


Can anyone help me out with the grip. I've got a lot of wobble in it and was wondering if anyone had put RS grips on their M500 and had the same problem and knows what I'd need to do to sort it.

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