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Revolver Picture Thread

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To be honest I kinda like them.

If I replace them I might get pearl grips.




If they are not original colt ones I could trade you a set of original tanaka plain wood grips. I have medalion grips on my other SAA and thoug they aren't period correct they will at least be a matching pair. Edited by johny_blaze
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very nice. have a guide you can post?

i bought 12 extra shells for my 715, but i found that the build quality on them arent that great. there are tooling marks on the rims that interfere with the WG jet loaders and makes it hard to actually fit the shells into the cylinder. i had to mark them in sets and make sure to put the correct shells into the correct jet loaders in a specific way so that loading goes properly.

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No, I bought the regular shells.


The low power shells still work in the gun, it's just that you'll shoot about 150fps with them in the already placed down version of the gun.

The outside shape is the same, its just a plug in the shell that limits the flow of gas through it.

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Ok! I just had to ask, so I knew we're talking about the original soft tip shell.:-)

It shouldn't matter, I have the original high power soft tip shells and they work just fine.

It sounds like you've got a bad batch of shells maybe.


The jet loader that comes with gun isn't really that good neither.
Replace them with the RS Speedloaders from HKS, they're cheap in the US.


And it'll work even better if your going to use RS "357 Magnum" or "38 Special" shells like I do.


It might not be cheaper with the home made shells, but the feeling and function is so nice.

Also you can decide what kind of pressure you want in your shells,
depending on your choice of hole diameter through the shell.:-)



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How are the new 715's compared to the older Wessons ?


Just picking up shooting again and the new range may be more exotic than just 10m Match so curious to build quality of the 4.5mm version pistols for possible speed shooting/competition use.


Still got my price western rig and safariland jets from the airsoft wesson i had a few years back.

It does seem that spare sears and cylinder latch/star are easier to get now as the old cylinder lock up and cycle sears where short lived with heavy use.

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