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Pictures of your Plate Carriers

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My AWS OCPC is above (but I got some new pics of it so I'll post them up anyways), that is now loaded up with my level IV plates and used more for real life/work stuff. I recently acquired a Flyye 609

A homebrew mod, I was trying to get proper tubes from a Scandinavian supplier but these started appearing on ebay. Nowadays you can buy FMA/TMC cummerbund with them fitted. I did a little write up

Posted Images

The FAPC is on my list but I like the look of those shoulder pads on the 6094 with the loops for hydro tubes/comms wires.

I just don't seem to be able to find a 6094 with a belt like Isamu's. All the ones I've found have cummerbunds and with that extra molle comes the urge to fill it.

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Flyye FAPC in OD.


BHI Tripple 5.56 (holds 6x STANAG magazines)

BHI Single 5.56 (Holds Motorolla xtn446)

2x BHI Double Pistol (Holds 4x Para Ord Mags)

BHI Medium Upright Uptility (Holds Nalgene Bottle)

BHI Strobe pouch (Holds speedloader)

Pentagon Flashlight

Custom Wolf hook

VIP Strobe

Replica Rubber knife and scabbard.


Velcro Shotgun shell tab


I have a Velcro backed chemlight holder enroute, and an A-Pos patch to replace the crosshairs


Used in conjunction with a basic Beltkit http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh294/RoninDoe/BeltKit.jpg

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Thanks evansy, as stated before, it is a 6094 http://airsoft-club.com/shop/tactical-gear/tactical-vest/flyye-1000d-molle-lt6094-plate-carrier-vest-coyote-brown but I bought it about two years ago, made by pantac.


Not very comfortable when I tried the first games, but after removing the cummerbund and putting the Blackhawk replica belt, its like night and day, comforatble, quick to put on and off... fantastic :)

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Why do you have the fastening buckles in the rear ? I tried it once and it annoyed the hell outta me that I couldn't don and doff it quickly because I had to reach back and fumble the straps through the buckle.


To add a little to the pictures, here's my HPC for a CAG impression.





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Initial tweaking on RAV:




Paraclete RAV


Grenade Pouch

Double M4 (only carrying one for 5+1)

Double M4 (only carrying one for 5+1)

Triple M4 shingle under cummerbund (modded with velcro on the back)

Quad 9mm





Thales UHF MBITR Antenna

MSA 2000 w/ANVIS

Peltor Comtac II


I am basing it around a 2005ish era CAG..but I think the Serpa might be a bit anachronistic.

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Kit is obviously fantasy land, as the radio I have been waiting for still hasnt come..


Eagle Assault Plate Carrier

Mayflower TQ Holder with TQ

LBT Kangaroo Pouch

BFG 10 Speed



Paraclete Double 9mm with Glock (KCI actually but for a G19) Mags

10 Speed on Back (cant see)

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