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Pictures of your Plate Carriers

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I tried to screw the serpa holster directly to the MAlice clips and punt them on molle webbing, it was a bit wobbly, but worked. I ended up using one of these  the holes will not line up, but it is nothing a dremmel and 5 minutes wont fix. I ended up with a molle serpa holster base which is both secure and very space efficient

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I've just upgraded to a plate carrier. I love the look but carrying it to the field is a royal pain since I don't have a car.


Replica Lindnerhof Taktik Gen V. It's designed to work with the Lindnerhof Taktik chest rigs, and since I have one I went ahead and attached it. The chest rig "extension" works by removing the front panel of the carrier, exposing the velcro where the cummerbunds are attached. The chest rigs have velcro on the inside and they just attach there. 




For a replica the material, color and stitching is nearly identical to the real thing. The quick release system even works properly: Shoulder tab drops the cummerbunds and shoulder pads, rear tab drops cummerbund only. 

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Hey guys


I'm looking for 2 pouches to hold a smoke grenade (42x134mm) KC13 type

and a M67/M26 frag grenade. Which ones do you recommend?


My space on the vest is a little tight so am thinking about

some sort of silencer type pouch for the smoke grenade maybe

and maybe an alternative way of carring the M67/M26 that may not need a pouch but still will sit tight


Any suggestions?

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My AWS OCPC is above (but I got some new pics of it so I'll post them up anyways), that is now loaded up with my level IV plates and used more for real life/work stuff. I recently acquired a Flyye 6094 in ranger green and am almost finished setting that up. The only thing missing if the triple mag pouch setup right up front, which should be here Monday (Crye style closed top).

Flyye 6094:
Kit list:
Flyye 6094
Kangaroo pouch insert
TMC grenade pouch
TMC large GP pouch
TMC back panel (buddy mags and horizontal pouch)
TMC large hardside pouch
5.11 mp5 mag pouch (used for silencer)
Also have a TMC triple 5.56 on the way (crye style)
I will also most likely be getting a first spear cummerbund kit for it...
Strong side is kept mostly clean on both for pistol draw from UBL safariland. .
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Here’s my warrior DCS plate carrier with trident training plates to add some rigidity to it.all the pouches and the holster are also warrior bar the hanger pouch and utility pouch. Works really well and distributes the weight perfectly and isn’t too bulky or restrictive either. It’s my go to rig now unless it’s really warm!



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