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Initial tweaking on RAV:




Paraclete RAV


Grenade Pouch

Double M4 (only carrying one for 5+1)

Double M4 (only carrying one for 5+1)

Triple M4 shingle under cummerbund (modded with velcro on the back)

Quad 9mm





Thales UHF MBITR Antenna

MSA 2000 w/ANVIS

Peltor Comtac II


I am basing it around a 2005ish era CAG..but I think the Serpa might be a bit anachronistic.

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I was thinking it would be the timestamp from the camera.


Any idea on the rigs they're wearing? Don't look like RAV's to me.

They appear to be smoke green Paraclete MOLLE CVC carriers.


Basically a smoke green version of this.



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not really battle display, but I hope you guys enjoy


LBT 9019

2 x EI 2 double M4

Emdom 604

LBT Utility Pouch w. EI Weapon Catch

EI Canteen Pouch

Strobe Light Pouch

Gerber Tool Pouch




Looks cool except for what appears to be haphazard placement of the multi-tool and weapons catch.


Skyflash and company, really nice stuff.

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This one? I've been looking for a nice low drag chest rig. How is it?



Yep. It's good for what its made for, but would I pay $100 for it...maybe. Should others no. Toy Soldier makes a replica one in black for a lot cheaper on ebay.



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